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  1. Mozdev Sysadmin Meeting Minutes for 2007-12-18

    Present: davidwboswell (David Boswell), gjm (Gerry Murphy), silfreed (Douglas Warner), tanker (Michael Dosser)

    Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

    Discussed developer priorities

    - comcast's email block is removed - trying to plan how to move more code into CVS - writing auth, error, database, session, and tagging libraries - the backend for project tagging … read more
  2. Mozdev status update for W50-2007

    This week I spent a lot of time trying to get a better code library setup for Mozdev code that would be easier to maintain and test (mostly meaning, starting to write stuff in OOP style despite PHP 4's lackings). Towards that end, I've ended up getting session managent, authentication …

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  3. Mozdev sysadmin meeting minutes for 2007-12-11

    Present: davidwboswell (David Boswell), ericjung (Eric Jung) gjm (Gerry Murphy), silfreed (Douglas Warner), tanker (Michael Dosser)

    Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

    Mozdev downtime

    - no obvious causes for downtime found yet - box was logging up until the server rebooted, so it was still active - suspected hardware problem since the box … read more
  4. Mozdev unexpected downtime

    Our main mozdev.org server is currently unavailable making all services unavailable (web, CVS, downloads, mailing lists). The problem seems to have started at approx. 22:45 UTC (17:45 EST). We have our colocation provider looking into the problem and will update once more information is known.

    Update 21 … read more
  5. Mozdev sysadmin meeting minutes for 2007-12-04

    Present: cdn-work (Chris Neale), davidwboswell (David Boswell), gjm (Gerry Murphy), kinger (Brian King), silfreed (Douglas Warner), tanker (Michael Dosser)

    Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

    Discussed developer priorities

    - theme cleanups for mozdev.org w.r.t. http/https - downloads.mozdev.org updates - redirection to closest mirror and serving files directly … read more
  6. Photos for the last Three Months

    Here's a boatload of photos that I just uploaded, in no particular order. You might be better off hitting the main sections and browsing backwards.

    The movies are probably in the H.264 codec. Unfortunately, all these photos (and the ones from Ocean City) still need tagged. You'll have to … read more
  7. Mozdev sysadmin meeting minutes for 2007-11-27

    Present: Chris Neale (cdn-work), David Boswell (davidwboswell), Eric Jung (ericjung), Gerry Murphy (gjm), Doug Warner (silfreed)

    Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

    Discussed developer priorities

    - drupal tweaks to install profile - helped move bugzilla bugs along for bz 3 upgrade - updated front page to pull news from our blogs - cleaned up … read more
  8. Poles Steeple hike

    Brady and I did a hike last Sunday (2007-11-18) up to Poles Steeple in Pine Grove. The hike was good; lots of "up". I was hoping for a better view, but the fog prevented that. It also turns out we got up there too late for a good view of …

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  9. Mozdev sysadmin meeting minutes for 2007-11-20

    Present: David Boswell, (davidwboswell), Doug Warner (silfreed), Gerry Murphy (gjm), Chris Neale (cdn-work), Brian King (kinger), Eric Jung (ericjung)

    Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

    Discussed developer priorities

    - a little Drupal work (theming fixes, install profile fixes) - Thanksgiving theme - replaced mirror content - going to start putting news on front page … read more
  10. Mozdev status update for W46-2007

    • Fixed Drupal theme selection bug - Users were unable to change their theme due to me forcing the setting in settings.php globally.
    • Planning fixes to mysql errors caused by backups - I've been working with Mozdev's sysadmins to try to figure out how best to deal with the two-minute outage daily …
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  11. Mozdev sysadmin meeting minutes for 2007-11-13

    Present: David Boswell, (davidwboswell), Doug Warner (silfreed), Michael Dosser (tanker), Gerry Murphy (gjm), Chris Neale (cdn-work), Brian King (kinger)

    Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

    Discussed developer priorities

    - download counters enabled; projects can use downloads() function again - D.MD.o now shows size of download files - mycroft doesn't use mirror … read more
  12. Spotts Road hike

    Brady and I managed a short hike on Saturday in the snow. Brady got some decent pictures, but I didn't have anything with me (well, my cell-phone, but..).

    At any rate, you can check out my stats.


    {IMAGE:/sites/silfreed.net/files/2007-11-10-hike-map …

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  13. Mozdev status update for W45-2007

    Another big week of mirror work. I received responses from all the current mozdev.org mirrors as well as some that I wasn't aware was acting as a mirror. I have most of the mirrors assigned to regions so redirection to the closest mirror should be happening in the near …

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  14. Mozdev sysadmin meeting minutes for 2007-11-06

    Present: Doug Warner (silfreed), Michael Dosser (tanker), Gerry Murphy (gjm)

    Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

    Discussed developer priorities

    - mirror admin interface is complete - waiting on some more responses from mirrors before switching from flat-file redirection to new tool - M.MD.O is updated w/ dynamic content - next todo is …
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  15. Saturday hike and SciFi viewing

    Saturday was mostly a relaxation day; I was able to get a lot of the cleaning around the house done Friday before picking up Jocelyn (yeah flex scheduling!), so Saturday I spent time with Tiffany and Jocelyn and then went out with "the boys" (aka, Brady and Kevin).

    Before Kevin … read more
  16. Mozdev sysadmin meeting minutes for 2007-10-30

    Present: David Boswell (davidwboswell), Doug Warner (silfreed), Chris Neale (cdn-work)

    Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

    Discussed developer priorities

    - admin tool for managing mirrors is going well, despite some setbacks last week learning some javascript - mirror management should be finished up today, then will start towards download counters and mirror … read more
  17. Mozdev Status Update for W42-2007

    • RSS icon cleanup on front page

    • Vebzom.org DNS was broken for awhile - This kept me from working on the new mirror management library
    • Researched email delays - The problem might be related to the massive number of held messages that are sitting in Mailman; it might be the daily nag …
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  18. Mozdev sysadmin meeting minutes for 2007-10-09

    Present: David Boswell (davidwboswell), Doug Warner (silfreed),

    Michael Dosser (tanker), Eric Jung (ericjung)

    Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

    Discussed developer priorities

    - Drupal still ready to deploy - mirror-up script ready to deploy - working on browsable downloads.mozdev.org - working on mirror admin tools - soon to work on mirror redirection to …
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  19. Jocelyn Walking on Clothes Basket

    Check out Jocelyn pushing herself along on a clothes basket at 7 months old! She's trying to grow up way too fast. Last night Tiff was putting clothes away while Jocelyn was playing in her crib and Tiff saw Jocelyn pull herself up to standing using the crib! I guess …

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  20. Mozdev status update W40-2007

    Most of this week was spent working on mirror improvements and preparing for the Drupal rollout.

    - Determined Bouncer won't work for Mozdev - Bouncer's reliance on Product, Version, Language, and OS makes it not quite suitable for Mozdev since we don't make our project owners track language or OS for their … read more
  21. Story concept for Eureka: Make Carter the Genius

    Eureka was a nice, light, funny show in its first season. Season 2 has been pretty disappointing; too many new people introduced, relationships forced into being, odd plot devices.

    Anyway, the idea is to make Sheriff Carter the genius instead of constantly being put down as the "dumb one." Some … read more
  22. rcsedit

    I've had this little script laying around for awhile that I use as a wrapper for RCS to check out a group of files in one batch, edit them all, and commit them. So I setup repository for rcsedit in case others want to try it out.

    It should be … read more
  23. Dead lawn mower happenings

    So a couple weeks ago I told you about some problems (I created) with our lawn mower. Unfortunately, things have gotten worse.

    Well, I guess it didn't have far to go from "potentially dead" to "dead", so it's not too surprising.

    My father-in-law was able to get the mower running …

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  24. Mozdev W39-Y2007 status update

    Drupal is ready to be deployed, so that's in a holding pattern waiting for the sysadmins to get time to set things up.

    Since Drupal's currently stalled, I've moved onto other projects. Lots of cleanup of various tools that have been implemented recently and started evaluating tools to improve our … read more
  25. remotebackup project

    For some years now I've relied on a script written by Lindsay Snider while at PA.net for all my backup needs. A year or so ago a presentation was done at CPLug that described the tool, and it was agreed that the script should become public somewhere so people …

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  26. Mozdev sysadmin meeting minutes for 2007-09-25

    Present: David Boswell (davidwboswell), Doug Warner (silfreed),

    Michael Dosser (tanker), Chris Neale (cdn-work), Brian King (kinger_away)

    Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

    Discussed developer priorities (drupal testing, linking to drupal, rollout...)

    - Lots of bug squashing; top-50 page, cvs log rss feed, and admin publish tool

    are all active now. - Tanker …

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  27. Argo jabber up and running on ejabberd

    Tonight I was able to get ejabberd up and running on Argo. I had to use the Fedora 7 package for now until I work out co-maintainership on the ejabberd package in EPEL, but it seems to be running fine.

    I imported all the "major" domains - nivek.ws, pyxos.net …

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  28. Argo CentOS 5 Upgrade

    Argo is now upgraded to CentOS 5.0. There was the usual amount of pain for a server that runs all possible services, but for the most part the upgrade went very well.

    So far the only remaining problem is jabberd. I don't have new packages available and the old …

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  29. Mozdev sysadmin meeting minutes for 2007-09-18

    Present: David Boswell (davidwboswell), Doug Warner (silfreed),

    Michael Dosser (tanker), Eric Jung (ericjung), Chris Neale (cdn-work)

    Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

    Discussed developer priorities (drupal testing, linking to drupal, rollout...)

    - Publish tool is working again

    Discussed sysadmin priorities (stats, mirror improvements, mailman defaults...)

    - top50.pl page is fixed; Doug … read more
  30. CentOS upgrade success

    Since yum isn't capable of downgrading the correct package, I decided to try smart.

    And after a couple hours (literally) of computing transactions, it worked.

    Now, there's definitely some cleanup to do, but it's pretty good. Unfortunately smart isn't available for RHEL 5 yet (I've emailed rpmforge to request it …

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  31. Week 37 Year 2007 status update

    Drupal for Mozdev is getting close to being ready to implement in production, so I've been mostly working on other bugs this week.

    - Drupal integration into Mozdev site - I started looking into how to link Drupal into Mozdev's site - specifically how to include it in the navigation. I haven't gotten … read more
  32. FC6 Xen now working

    For awhile now my file server has been running Fedora Core 6. I never have a good time to upgrade it to Fedora 7 because I'm always using it.

    In the beginning I had envisioned running multiple VMs on it for compiling packages; it's an x86_64 box, so I would …

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  33. Bad lawn mower happenings

    Tiff and I bought a riding mower last summer. We both knew it was going to drastically reduce the amount of work we had to do to keep the lawn looking decent (it's not possible to make our lawn look nice).

    Three weeks ago I was mowing the lawn and …

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  34. Mozdev admin meeting minutes for 2007-09-11

    Present: David Boswell (davidwboswell), Doug Warner (silfreed),

    Michael Dosser (tanker), Eric Jung (ericjung), Chris Neale (cdn-work)

    Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

    Discussed developer priorities (drupal testing, linking to drupal, rollout...)

    - Drupal testing went well with the initial bug reporters. Next is to open

    up testing to the general project …

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  35. Look! It's me!

    [silfreed@joshua ~]$ ssh argo
    Last login: Fri Sep 7 15:09:38 2007 from *joshua.wl.silfreed.net*  
    [silfreed@argo ~]$ last -ai -n1
    silfreed pts/0 Fri Sep 7 15:09 still logged in

    I'm such a dork.

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  36. IPv6 for my LAN

    I know I said I was using Hurricane Electric earlier today, but now I'm with SixXS.

    HE only routes a single /64, which is good for one LAN if you want to use radvd to auto-configure your IPs based on mac addresses. I have two LANs (wireless and wired are … read more
  37. Mozdev admin meeting minutes for 2007-09-04

    Present: David Boswell (davidwboswell), Doug Warner (silfreed),

    Michael Dosser (tanker)

    Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

    Discussed current developer projects and upcoming projects:

    - Performance problems don't seem to be related to Drupal or staging server;

    possibly connectivity issues, but haven't been able to prove that yet. - Top-50 page work is …

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  38. Week 35 Year 2007 status update

    This is a short week for me, so I didn't get as much accomplished as I hoped. Still, there was some good progress made, and the Drupal install for Mozdev is progressing well. The test for project owners should be coming shortly.

    - Multisite Manager/install profile fixes - Fixing Mozdev's install … read more
  39. Mozdev admin meeting minutes for 2007-08-28

    Present: David Boswell (davidwboswell), Doug Warner (silfreed),

    Chris Neale (cdn-work), Michael Dosser (tanker)

    Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

    Discussed current developer projects and upcoming projects:

    - fixed new projects showing up on active list - drupal testing went well; fixed bugs that were reported - release staging copy to Project Owners?

    </p …
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  40. Why social networking is scary

    You can ignore Facebook's stalking side-nature, but what you can't ignore is that other people own your life.

    This is the reason I've resisted Web 2.0 social networking sites for as long as I have; and even though I do use some of them now, I try to use …

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  41. Week 34 Year 2007 status update

    Mostly Drupal happenings this past week.

    - Released staging copy to board members - The board members were able to get access to the staging copy I've been working on in order to test installing new Drupal instances, editing and creating content, and working with their user profiles synced to their Mozdev … read more
  42. Visiting the Shipes and Littles

    This weekend Tiff, Jocelyn and I made a small loop through Virginia to visit the Shipes (my sister) and the Littles (Dennis and Michele).

    First stop was Barboursville, VA on Friday afternoon. We dropped my nephew Logan off at my sister's. He was up visiting for the week and since … read more
  43. Doug's LinkedIn Recommendation Request

    well, I was going to unrecommend you with stuff like, "sat around and watched anime all day, came in late, left early, and took lots of smoke breaks" but since you used "bizitch" in your request, I'll write a good recommendation — Scott González

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  44. Mozdev admin meeting minutes for 2007-08-21

    Present: David Boswell (davidwboswell), Chris Neale (cdn-work), Brian King (kinger), Myk Melez (myk), Michael Dosser (tanker), Eric Jung (ericjung)

    Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

    Discussed current developer projects and upcoming projects:

    - bug#13381 is complete; need to fix bug w/ new projects on active list - drupal installation profile is … read more
  45. Mozdev admin meeting minutes for 2007-08-14

    Present: David Boswell (davidwboswell), Doug Warner (silfreed), Michael Dosser (tanker), Eric Jung (ericjung)

    Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

    Discussed current developer projects and upcoming projects:

    - Doug is fixing a minor bug with the active project list, then the "unstarted project list" bug is completed - Doug setup the project stats … read more
  46. A non-custom CMS!? What are you thinking!?

    This is a big step for me. It's the first time I've used a non-custom CMS.

    Since I've owned silfreed.net it's always been a custom app. I used jogger (then jolem, then blogstar) to create blog posts through a jabber/XMPP bot. However, this lacked the flexibility to create …

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  47. Week 31 Year 2007 status update

    Made lots of good progress with Drupal modules and permissions setup this week.

    I had some problems with the Liquid wiki module not supporting CamelCase correctly, so I had to use some other modules to implement that as well (pear wiki, freelinking, wikitools).

    I've setup a default set of permissions … read more
  48. Admin meeting for 2007-07-31

    Present: Doug Warner (silfreed), Michael Dosser (tanker), Eric Jung (ericjung), Myk Melez (myk)

    Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

    Discussed Mic's sysadmin priorities:

    • Amazon EC2/S3 setup is going well
      • Need to determine whether to move old logfiles to EC2 for processing
      • Just running EC2 is $72/mo ($0.10 …
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  49. Week 30 update

    Bug#13381 should be finished up "real soon now." After I got some help getting things installed in production there were a few bugs to fix and features to add. Specifically I added RSS feeds for each of the lists, I added an admin page for sending the inactive message …

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  50. Admin meeting for 2007-07-24

    Present: Doug Warner (silfreed), Michael Dosser (tanker), Chris Neale (cdn-work), Brian King (kinger)

    Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

    Mic and Ivan have been very busy this week and haven't made any progress on the mirror bugs or project stats.

    ClamAV on the production server died on Sunday and has …

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  51. Speaker wiring

    Other than my {NODE 399}Dad's 60th birthday{/NODE}, I spent this weekend cutting holes in my walls and running wires in my basement drop-ceiling.

    I started Saturday morning around 07:30 and stopped around 10:30 (3 hours). Most of the time was spent figuring out where my one … read more
  52. Happy 60th birthday, Dad

    This weekend my Dad turned 60. My immediate family had a small gathering on Friday night, with a bigger party with extended family on Sunday.

    My dad made out pretty well with birthday presents; he got a set of remote-controlled boats and a 30G black iPod.

    My brother-in-law seemed very … read more
  53. Admin meeting for 2007-07-17

    Present: David Boswell (davidwboswell), Doug Warner (silfreed), Eric Jung (ericjung), Michael Dosser (tanker), Chris Neale, (cdn-work), Brian King (kinger), Dave Townsend (Mossop)

    Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

    Discussed Doug's developer priorities:

    • Unstarted projects list - receiving Mic's help to implement in production
    • Making progress on blog/wiki/forums - see Doug's …
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  54. Dell 2007wfp

    After seeing the Dell 2007wfp show up on sale, I knew I needed one. I had gotten used to the extra desktop space, and being in several IRC rooms at the same time, it's definitely helpful to have the extra room.

    I've used a Dell 2005wfp in the past and …

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  55. Stats would be helpful

    I was working on bug#13381 and I realized that I need some more stats background. Or at least, some application of the stats classes I had 6-7 years ago would be helpful.

    We have this problem were we need to categorize projects into three groups: new/never-started, active, and …

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  56. Raystown 2007 photos online

    We got back from Raystown this past Sunday. It was a nice 5-day vacation. I didn't even pick up my laptop once (although I did take it along - for directions and downloading photos only, of course)!

    It was a mix of weather; hot when we first got there; a thunderstorm …

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  57. Home office is up and running

    So this is where I've been working the past couple days. I picked up (er, had delivered) a desk from Office Max and it seems to be working out pretty well so far. I bought the shelves from Lowes and plan on putting some more books up there that I …

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  58. Time to Move On

    My time at Express Dynamics working on the WorkXpress engine is coming to a close. Friday I gave my notice that I will be leaving the company.

    I've decided to begin doing my own consulting/contract work as systems administrator/network administrator/solutions architect/information architect. To that end I've … read more
  59. Jocelyn's first shots

    That was a lot rougher for Tiff and I to watch than we thought it would be. And we know the worst part is coming up as she has reactions to the various vaccines. She got four shots - two in each leg, and an oral vaccine for ~~Rhinovirus~~Rotovirus. We …

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  60. Who hates you?

    Apparently Microsoft loves bignate, but not me (last 4.25 weeks of logs, not years):

    # for i in 'googlebot' 'Yahoo! Slurp' 'msnbot' ; do echo -n "$i: "; cat silfreed.net-access_log* | grep -ic "$i"; donegooglebot: 19043Yahoo! Slurp: 28627msnbot: 12348

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  61. Thank god for backup superblocks

    Last night I had a bit of a scare; I was googling around and got an error message in Konqueror that was very odd - something about a "read-only filesystem".

    `dmesg` confirmed my fears; lots of ext3 errors and DMA errors. Well - nothing left to do here but reboot. Only my … read more
  62. Garage cleanup

    Last weekend my Dad and I spent an afternoon building shelves into the shed we got last year and we moved a good bit of stuff out there. This past Sunday I did some more work to get all the lawn equipment and supplies out there as well. My Dad …

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  63. Reseting image number counter on Canon (S2 IS)

    I had reset my camera image counter to test out a new firmware and wanted to restore my camera's image counter back to 1720ish instead of 0001. I found the threads below on how to do it; here's an overview:

    1. Delete everything off your card or format it
    2. Take a …
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  64. AT&T Wireless (mMode) settings for Samsung

    AT&TWS WAP 2.0 Settings:

    Name: <whatever you want>Homepage: http://homeProxies: EnablePrimary proxy address: proxy port: 8080Secondary proxy: <keep it as is>Data Bearer: GPRS Bearer SettingsGPRS Access Point: ProxyAuthentication type: NormalLogin type: AutomaticUser name: <blank>Password: <blank>

    MMS Settings:

    Name: <whatever you want …
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  65. Jocelyn's birth story

    Of course, this really started last father's day (2006.06.18) when we found out Tiffany was pregnant, but we're going to skip ahead to the birth part.

    Early morning (01:30ish) Sunday, February 25th, Tiffany thought her water broke. We called the on-call doctor (Dr. Benanatti) who said we … read more
  66. Web 2.0 upgrade

    I'm thinking I should go register warnr.net and setup a Web 2.0 site for myself that's a mashup of my currently blog using reflective web-2.0-approved colors for logos with reflective article titles. My website could be dougls.warnr.net.

    The other alternative is to register ougl.as … read more
  67. Inbox under control

    Despite only getting a couple hours sleep last night (this morning?) I managed to get my inbox under control after a week and a half of barely picking up my computer. If you emailed me and I didn't get back to you, you probably want to email again.

    Everyone here …

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  68. Announcing Jocelyn Renae Warner

    Jocelyn Ranae Warner was born on February 26th at 15:15 EST after approx 24 hours of labor. She was 7lbs 7.7oz and 20.5 inches long.

    Even from this cell-phone quality pic, you can see how little the little nose has changed since we last saw it.

    Mom's …

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  69. File server finally done

    I was finally able to get all my drives into my file server and get the array fully upgraded. First, the results:

    # df -h /dev/md0Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on/dev/md0              1.8T  742G  1.1T  41% /mnt/storage# df -H /dev/md0Filesystem             Size   Used  Avail Use …
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  70. Problems with Samba and newly created files fixed

    For a very long time I've had problems that I couldn't get access to files I had just created on a SMBFS/CIFS mount. The problem was clear:

    [silfreed@joshua test]$ ls -ld .drwxrwxrwx 13 nobody nobody 0 Feb 12 09:17 .[silfreed@joshua test]$ touch junktouch: setting times of …
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  71. Xen and ivtv not quite happy yet

    I tried to setup a separate domain to run ivtv and the mythbackend, but it apparently wasn't meant to be. After trying various incantations of "swiotlb=force" in both dom0 and domU, thing still didn't work. I eventually got the devices passed through (PVR-500 - essentially two PVR-250's on a PCI …

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  72. Dynamic Konsole Session Tabs/Names

    I was finally annoyed with having to rename my Konsole sessions every time I ssh'd somewhere, and I finally found a really slick way to do this dynamically. It's only a slight pain of having to put a custom \$PS1 on every user you touch, but this would typically only …

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  73. Carlisle MAIC meet

    We finally got a local MAIC meeting together at the Carlisle Red Robin. It was a pretty nice turnout, even if the day wasn't. We were all seated in one big line, so we pretty much only got to talk in small groups, but this was our first meet so …

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  74. Project overload

    I have about 7 big projects up in the air right now (they're all on my todo list except one):

    • Get Thor and my MythTV boxes up and running again
    • Get my car's 60k service done
    • Build a web/database app for a fire house raffle
    • Build a web site …
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  75. Thor upgrade complete

    Pictures, yeah! I've got four 400G drivfes, a 160G and a 250G drive LVM'd together to make a 400G, and another 400G in an RMA process. Add it together and you have around 2TB of data at home. Not too bad.

    I managed to get Xen up and running - Fedora …

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  76. New array running

    # df -hFilesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on/dev/md0              1.5T  198M  1.5T   1% /mnt/storage

    # cat /proc/mdstatPersonalities : [raid6] [raid5] [raid4]md0 : active raid5 sde1[3] sdd1[2] sdc1[1] sdb1[0] 1562834944 blocks level 5, 64k chunk, algorithm 2 [5/4] [UUUU_]

    Now to just get … read more
  77. And then the drive goes

    The latest bit of fun is the 40G drive (that was in the computer that went poof and is probably over 5 years old) is now dying/dead.

    # smartctl -a /dev/hdasmartctl version 5.36 [x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu] Copyright (C) 2002-6 Bruce AllenHome page is http://smartmontools.sourceforge.net/=== START OF INFORMATION …
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  78. Dead DVD burners suck

    So apparently my laptop's DVD burner is dead - not the entire DVD drive, just the burning part. That's the first hardware thing that's died in 5 years, so it's not too bad. Hopefully this latest rash of hardware problems doesn't persist too much longer, though.

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  79. SqueeeePOOF!

    So, what have I been doing for the past couple months? You would think "not much" if you've followed my todo list. In fact, even the short-term goals on that list are probably better considered "1 month" goals, as anything shorter typically doesn't make it to the list.

    Most of …

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