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  1. Default gnome-terminal size

    Here's the command I found to set the default gnome-terminal height:

        gconftool-2 /desktop/gnome/applications/terminal/exec --type string -s 'gnome-terminal --geometry=85x40'

    Now when I hit "meta-t" I get the size gnome-terminal that I like.

    Oh, to get "meta-t" to work, you might want to set this as well …

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  2. Setting up an hdhomerun and "no devices found"

    I'm trying to get an hdhomerun set up and my firewall is getting in the way.

    After stracing the hdhomerun_config binary and seeing that the discover calls out on the network broadcast ( here) on port 65001 I did some tcpdumping (also knowing my hdhomerun was at … read more
  3. Jocelyn the Vi user

    Jocelyn's definitely going to be a vi user; when she's done typing she immediately hits 'escape' and will pound 'escape' repeatedly when things aren't acting the way she thinks they should.

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  4. rcsedit

    I've had this little script laying around for awhile that I use as a wrapper for RCS to check out a group of files in one batch, edit them all, and commit them. So I setup repository for rcsedit in case others want to try it out.

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  5. remotebackup project

    For some years now I've relied on a script written by Lindsay Snider while at PA.net for all my backup needs. A year or so ago a presentation was done at CPLug that described the tool, and it was agreed that the script should become public somewhere so people …

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  6. Argo jabber up and running on ejabberd

    Tonight I was able to get ejabberd up and running on Argo. I had to use the Fedora 7 package for now until I work out co-maintainership on the ejabberd package in EPEL, but it seems to be running fine.

    I imported all the "major" domains - nivek.ws, pyxos.net …

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  7. Argo CentOS 5 Upgrade

    Argo is now upgraded to CentOS 5.0. There was the usual amount of pain for a server that runs all possible services, but for the most part the upgrade went very well.

    So far the only remaining problem is jabberd. I don't have new packages available and the old …

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  8. CentOS upgrade success

    Since yum isn't capable of downgrading the correct package, I decided to try smart.

    And after a couple hours (literally) of computing transactions, it worked.

    Now, there's definitely some cleanup to do, but it's pretty good. Unfortunately smart isn't available for RHEL 5 yet (I've emailed rpmforge to request it …

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  9. FC6 Xen now working

    For awhile now my file server has been running Fedora Core 6. I never have a good time to upgrade it to Fedora 7 because I'm always using it.

    In the beginning I had envisioned running multiple VMs on it for compiling packages; it's an x86_64 box, so I would …

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  10. Look! It's me!

    [silfreed@joshua ~]$ ssh argo
    Last login: Fri Sep 7 15:09:38 2007 from *joshua.wl.silfreed.net*  
    [silfreed@argo ~]$ last -ai -n1
    silfreed pts/0 Fri Sep 7 15:09 still logged in

    I'm such a dork.

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  11. IPv6 for my LAN

    I know I said I was using Hurricane Electric earlier today, but now I'm with SixXS.

    HE only routes a single /64, which is good for one LAN if you want to use radvd to auto-configure your IPs based on mac addresses. I have two LANs (wireless and wired are … read more
  12. Why social networking is scary

    You can ignore Facebook's stalking side-nature, but what you can't ignore is that other people own your life.

    This is the reason I've resisted Web 2.0 social networking sites for as long as I have; and even though I do use some of them now, I try to use …

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  13. A non-custom CMS!? What are you thinking!?

    This is a big step for me. It's the first time I've used a non-custom CMS.

    Since I've owned silfreed.net it's always been a custom app. I used jogger (then jolem, then blogstar) to create blog posts through a jabber/XMPP bot. However, this lacked the flexibility to create …

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  14. Dell 2007wfp

    After seeing the Dell 2007wfp show up on sale, I knew I needed one. I had gotten used to the extra desktop space, and being in several IRC rooms at the same time, it's definitely helpful to have the extra room.

    I've used a Dell 2005wfp in the past and …

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  15. Who hates you?

    Apparently Microsoft loves bignate, but not me (last 4.25 weeks of logs, not years):

    # for i in 'googlebot' 'Yahoo! Slurp' 'msnbot' ; do echo -n "$i: "; cat silfreed.net-access_log* | grep -ic "$i"; donegooglebot: 19043Yahoo! Slurp: 28627msnbot: 12348

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  16. Thank god for backup superblocks

    Last night I had a bit of a scare; I was googling around and got an error message in Konqueror that was very odd - something about a "read-only filesystem".

    `dmesg` confirmed my fears; lots of ext3 errors and DMA errors. Well - nothing left to do here but reboot. Only my … read more
  17. Web 2.0 upgrade

    I'm thinking I should go register warnr.net and setup a Web 2.0 site for myself that's a mashup of my currently blog using reflective web-2.0-approved colors for logos with reflective article titles. My website could be dougls.warnr.net.

    The other alternative is to register ougl.as … read more
  18. File server finally done

    I was finally able to get all my drives into my file server and get the array fully upgraded. First, the results:

    # df -h /dev/md0Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on/dev/md0              1.8T  742G  1.1T  41% /mnt/storage# df -H /dev/md0Filesystem             Size   Used  Avail Use …
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  19. Problems with Samba and newly created files fixed

    For a very long time I've had problems that I couldn't get access to files I had just created on a SMBFS/CIFS mount. The problem was clear:

    [silfreed@joshua test]$ ls -ld .drwxrwxrwx 13 nobody nobody 0 Feb 12 09:17 .[silfreed@joshua test]$ touch junktouch: setting times of …
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  20. Xen and ivtv not quite happy yet

    I tried to setup a separate domain to run ivtv and the mythbackend, but it apparently wasn't meant to be. After trying various incantations of "swiotlb=force" in both dom0 and domU, thing still didn't work. I eventually got the devices passed through (PVR-500 - essentially two PVR-250's on a PCI …

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  21. Dynamic Konsole Session Tabs/Names

    I was finally annoyed with having to rename my Konsole sessions every time I ssh'd somewhere, and I finally found a really slick way to do this dynamically. It's only a slight pain of having to put a custom \$PS1 on every user you touch, but this would typically only …

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  22. Thor upgrade complete

    Pictures, yeah! I've got four 400G drivfes, a 160G and a 250G drive LVM'd together to make a 400G, and another 400G in an RMA process. Add it together and you have around 2TB of data at home. Not too bad.

    I managed to get Xen up and running - Fedora …

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  23. New array running

    # df -hFilesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on/dev/md0              1.5T  198M  1.5T   1% /mnt/storage

    # cat /proc/mdstatPersonalities : [raid6] [raid5] [raid4]md0 : active raid5 sde1[3] sdd1[2] sdc1[1] sdb1[0] 1562834944 blocks level 5, 64k chunk, algorithm 2 [5/4] [UUUU_]

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  24. And then the drive goes

    The latest bit of fun is the 40G drive (that was in the computer that went poof and is probably over 5 years old) is now dying/dead.

    # smartctl -a /dev/hdasmartctl version 5.36 [x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu] Copyright (C) 2002-6 Bruce AllenHome page is http://smartmontools.sourceforge.net/=== START OF INFORMATION …
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  25. Dead DVD burners suck

    So apparently my laptop's DVD burner is dead - not the entire DVD drive, just the burning part. That's the first hardware thing that's died in 5 years, so it's not too bad. Hopefully this latest rash of hardware problems doesn't persist too much longer, though.

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  26. Laptop Upgrade Choices

    Given that I got my laptop over 3 years ago and it's currently out of warranty, I thought it might be a good time to start looking at upgrades. I still don't have any real gripes about my laptop - it's performing incredibly well for being over 3 years old. The …

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  27. PVR Getting Better

    The best part is that the WAF is still pretty high considering that she thought I broke the TV for awhile (she was watching Fedora text-mode boot and seeing "FAILURE" in big red letters and various errors scrolling past the screen).

    I broke down and purchased a Hauppauge WinTV PVR-500 …

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  28. Macromedia Flash finally works

    Ever since I upgraded to FC5 my Flash plugin has crashed Firefox. This typically wasn't too big of a deal since I primarily use Konqueror, but I've been using Firefox more often recently since it's javascript support and web debugging tools are a little better. The browser crashing was getting …

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  29. PVR 2, Doug 1

    I guess I get one point for finally getting MythTV installed (better than last time). Unfortunately, I think my AverTV Stereo card is broken. I can't get it to fully tune in any stations no matter what I try - and I've tried a lot. Picking various card and tuner ids …

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  30. HTPC One - Ignition!

    Sorry - guess all the space shuttle stuff is getting to me ;-)

    Thanks to a recent deliver of one ATI X300 w/ s-video output, my HTPC seems to be running. I'm currently watching The Polar Express through Xine, but there's a lot of configuring to go.

    The display is currently pretty …

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  31. Desktop No More

    Well, I made my decision. I'm killing my desktop.

    I swapped Thor's Athlon 64 mobo with Manfred's Athlon XP motherboard under the assumption that the 64bit stuff will be put to more use in the PVR. That went fine (Thor was still FC4 - i386 version :-/). The problem came when I …

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  32. Life without a desktop?

    So, I'm trying to figure out what to do about my dead Xbox. Well, not about the dead Xbox, but about not having a PVD. The problem is I don't have the hardware laying around to build a PVD/PVR/DVR. Unless I use something I already have - like my …

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  33. Xbox is on the way out

    Looks like I might have to revive my PVR project. My Xbox's network card appears to have gone out, and after a night of fiddling w/ it, I don't think I want to put any more effort into it. Now I just have to get it working again so it …

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  34. kernel-2.6.17-1.2145 seems a little better

    Well, it still tries to force the bcm43xx driver in place, but at least I can rmmod it and modprobe ndiswrapper without things getting wacky. I'm going to try to get the bcm43xx driver loaded up w/ WPA and see if it works at all... here's crossing my fingers.

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  35. Crazy DNS

    After a FC4 glibc update a couple weeks ago, I've found that yum updates stopped working. When I went to debug it, I eventually found that the "lesser" programs like ping and ftp worked, while the "higher-level" programs didn't; like curl, wget, ncftp, and yum.

    I tracked this problem back …

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  36. New Phone Number

    I've got a new phone number thanks to Teliax, Argo, Asterisk, and [Brady].

    [Brady] and I both have our new Teliax numbers setup to come inbound via Argo, then get sent to our home installations of Asterisk. This is in anticipation that Argo will have better uptimes than our home …

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  37. Konqueror Web Shortcuts Problem with eBay

    Konqueror's Web Shortcuts are very nice; it's really handy just to be able to do "<alt-f2> gg: stuff n things <enter>" and have konqueror launch from the run menu searching google for stuff n things.

    So, I figured I'd add an eBay shortcut - makes sense, right? It's all good, except …

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  38. Kopete Socks Proxy Problems

    I've recently been trying out Kopete, and am very happy with its integration w/ KDE and KAddressBook. However, I've run into a snag.

    Actually, it might not really be Kopete's fault, but it is really annoying. The only way to configure socks support for Kopete is to configure it globally …

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  39. Monitoring Sensors on Argo

    Seems that a little lm_sensors/net-snmp bug has bit me on the new Argo. Well, it might've been there before but I forgot about it. Anyway, according to Red Hat bug#150199, net-snmp is supposed to be pushed out with the next release with a fix; but that was 3 …

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  40. Argo Upgrade Time Again

    Not sure if you noticed a bunch of websites on Argo being down last night, but they were for awhile. We installed new 80G hard drives in RAID1 configuration that should give us a good bit more reliability (not that we've had problems). They should also be a good deal …

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  41. Xen Problems with sata_nv

    Apparently Xen doesn't cooperate kindly with the sata_nv driver. I've only found a little evidence of this so far, but the fact that it was 8 months ago doesn't bode well for me. I had really hoped that Xen would have much better performance and be more stable than VMWare …

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  42. Dell 27xx 2708 Monitoring

    Finally got around the login problems I was having trying to automate polling values. Unfortunately I just realized that they don't have transmitted bytes in the RMON page; how disappointing.

    Anyway, you can track the work-in-progess of my gathering script in NetMRG's SVN tree. It can login and download the …

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  43. The Docs Don't Lie

    Got the Dell PowerConnect 2708, and just like the docs say; no SNMP. It has RMON support built-in and viewable from the web interface, but you can't gather the statistics remotely via SNMP. I guess they're trying to justify how cheap it costs. I guess I'll have to whip up …

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  44. Thor Upgrade Time

    Which can only mean one thing: [Brady] is having his 2nd annual LANnic!

    Instead of the Hard Drive dept this year, it's going to be the rest of the guts to give Thor a (substantial) speed boost, and hopefully make the gigabit switch I bought from Dell worthwhile. The specs …

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  45. Bluetooth in Linux Works

    Yep, it really does work. Maybe not quite perfectly, but it's pretty nice that it works at all. Linux (in the past) has lagged behind new technologies, but it seems to be doing a good job at picking up new techs like this pretty quick.

    I'm using both the Microsoft …

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  46. Argo Upgrade Time

    It's that time of the year where Argo's OS gets updated. It has been running FC2 for some time now, and I figured it was as good a time as ever to switch to CentOS.

    For the most part everything went perfectly smooth. Some problems with RPMs of FC2 being …

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  47. DVD Backups

    I've been putting a good deal of time into ripping some Star Wars DVDs so I can watch them on my Xbox. Unfortunately, things don't want to cooperate. First I encoded everything into an OGM container using xvid4 and vorbis for the two english tracks (5.1 and directors commentary …

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  48. Un-CoolMax

    Strangest thing just happened: both [Brady] and I had these CoolMax quiet Power Supplies that we had been very impressed with.. up until this past weekend.

    [Brady] emailed me Saturday night asking if I had a spare power supply as his in Oak had bit the dust. After I got …

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  49. Computers Are Not Fun

    Tiff and I went down to visit my Sister over President's Day weekend. It was nice to go down; we haven't been down to see her in Virginia for several months, so I was happy to go see her at her place (as opposed to her coming up here to …

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  50. xbox fun

    XBMC recently added EXIF parsing to their 'my pictures' section, so now your photos are all rotated correctly! Yeah!

    I also recently discovered DAAP and a couple projects for serving it up from linux: daapd and mt-daapd (look: RPMs!). daapd seems to be working well, but I'm not overly fond …

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  51. My Bi-Annual Mac update

    I occasionally dabble in Mac, although I've never been a big fan. Of course, Apple had their Keynote w/ Steve Jobs today (which was followed by Chris and Sam on IRC) which announced a couple interesting products.

    If you're an Apple user, you might actually be interested in the new …

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  52. Xbox Live!

    Oh; that's probably ™. Crap.

    Anyway, the Xbox is up at my house running EvoX and XBMC; and it seems to play my anime very well so far; and they look great! I need to try some higher-quality stuff (I have an HD-version of The Punisher), but so far it's really …

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  53. xbox mods'r'us

    This whole 'Xbox as DVR' thing has been a real nightmare. I expected it to be fairly easy to pick up a 3 year old gaming console after Christmas, but that wasn't the case. After looking everywhere to find one, I finally ordered an Xbox from Walmart.com. It came …

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  54. Epilogue part 2.3

    Yeah, so I realized that when you upgrade your WAP from 11Mbps to 54Mbps you need to upgrade your ethernet connection, too. So.. we'll just try putting a 10/100 card in the router tonight to see how that goes..

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  55. Busy day epilogue

    Well, things are progressing slowly with the hard drive. Got the first three drives' zcavs done; the one on the 400G is still going. Things are looking pretty good, though.

    Things aren't looking quite as good for the WAP54g. The best I can currently get in G-Only mode is 900KB …

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  56. Server management is a pain

    Keeping on top of security updates can be quite the pain sometimes. Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) bugs are probably the worst threat to server admins these days; popular packages that are widely deployed are much easier for script-kiddies to target than people's Bind or Sendmail installs of yesteryear. So this morning …

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  57. Tech support should always be paid

    But if you're like me, it probably isn't.

    Besides my own computers there are really only two sets of people whose computers I maintain; my parents', and Tiff's parents'.

    My parents' computer isn't too bad; typically my mom (Tiff said it doesn't matter if 'mom' is capitolized or not) will …

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  58. gpg-agent cache timeout

    Looks like there's a nifty undocumented feature for gpg-agent that limits your max passphrase cache time to 1 hour, despite what you set the default-cache-ttl to. Luckily, it's just undocumented, not non-existant.

    There is also a 'max-cache-ttl' parameter that you can set which defaults to 1 hour. The default-cache-ttl defaults …

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  59. Evening happenenings

    Recently I've been more and more annoyed by the fact that linux doesn't have some sort of auto-network-selection thing. Specifically, what I'd like is some applet to switch between wired and wireless and select the best wireless network (depending on work, home, etc).

    So eventually last night I found NetworkManager …

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  60. RSS Syndication

    I know others have known this for awhile, but RSS is pretty slick. I've recently gotten a decent RSS aggregator for KDE called akregator. Of course, this just showed me that some of my friends really need rss feeds; so I decided to syndicate their site for them! You can …

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  61. PVR 1, Doug 0

    Well, Thor is proving to be more stubborn than I thought. Apparently it's unhappy having all its PCI slots plus it's AGP slot used. Something about "IRQs" or something.

    So, Thor's going back in the closet. [Brady] might be right about the box though; I'm afraid it might be ending …

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  62. cplug'd

    It's probably been almost a year since I've been to a CP-LUG meeting, so I figured I should check it out again (plus it gave me a chance to talk to Andy about jobs over at Intellimark). While the meeting topics (synergy, VNC, and RDP) weren't too interesting, it did …

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  63. PVR Project, continued

    I thought it was so neat that I found these 2.4GHz RCA transmitter things; too bad they don't work past about 2 ft (probably due to my cordless phone).

    I've got Thor upgraded to Fedora Core 3 and KDE installed; but still battling w/ nv-tv-out to get the composite …

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  64. lists.netmrg.net update

    Following Ian's suggestion, I updated NetMRG's forums so it should be a little more crawlable. When you have that much data (especially Ian), it's really worth it to do that type of update. I generated a patch for my installation; hopefully it will help the next time I upgrade PhpBB …

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  65. Closet Project done

    Well, the closet is done, but not the other stuff.

    There was a lot more work involved here than I orignally thought. I had the sheet of plywood to use (and it looks great!), but it didn't quite work the way I had imagined. The original piece that was in …

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  66. PVR Project, begin

    Over the past week I've been preparing to turn Thor into more than just a fileserver. I've purchased a nVidia MX440-SE video card which has both composite and s-video outputs for about \$34; this card also has hardware mpeg-2 decoding, so it should prove very nice for video output. I …

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  67. synergy is real

    Yes, I think synergy as the word is often overused in marketing-type appliations, but [Daniel] pointed me to Synergy which is an open-source keyboard/mouse/clipboard sharing program.

    "Big deal"™ you say? It's not. This gives me the ability to use one keyboard and mouse between my desktop and laptop …

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  68. TopoUSA 4.0 DVD for CD customers

    For those that bought TopoUSA 4.0 on CD (7 CDs - 1 install and 6 data), there's a fairly easy way to convert them to DVD and have all the regions available to you at all times.

    Basically, you need to make a new directory structure with a 'Data' directory …

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  69. NetMRG Hackage

    It's been both awhile since I blogged about NetMRG and since NetMRG has had a release, so I figured it's worth a mention

    As you can see, we've been making some changes, and hopefully have 0.17 out either Monday or Tuesday. The good thing is, it's still exciting to …

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  70. Dell Axim X30

    In case you haven't heard, I talked myself into buying a Dell Axim X30. It's an amazing little PDA; 624Mhz, 64/64 MB RAM/Flash, Bluetooth and 802.11b. What talked me into it was the price - \$267. That's \$3 cheaper than the slower model. With free shipping. I couldn't …

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  71. iMac g5

    I feel obligated to say something about the iMac g5. Lets start a list:

    1. 1680x1050 on 20" - My laptop (at 15.4") has that
    2. plugs on the back - how do you wall mount it? (isn't that what lcds are for?)
    3. the "chin" - if you're going to make a laptop a …
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  72. gmail(fs?)!

    Did I mention I got a Gmail account? No? Well then; now is a good time then.

    Actually, I got it yesterday. Daniel finally got some invites the other day (about 6 invites, I think), so he sent one my way. Of course, I asked him about it almost two …

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  73. desktop status - disabled

    So, I was doing that whole case swapping thing the other day, and all was going well. The desktop was now in the mid-tower case and up and running, when all of a sudden it just shut off. Very odd. My first impression was that the CPU overheated and the …

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  74. time for router upgrade

    I've been having problems with my router (gunter) for awhile; sometimes named will die, sometimes dhcpd will die. Just 'give up the ghost,' as it where. I've always attributed this to my overclocking the box (it was originally to be an mp3 player). I though it was only overclocked from …

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  75. 2.6 kernel fun

    Trying to transfer files at [Brady]'s the past couple times has been a pain; I've only been getting half of what I should from 100MBit (\~5MB/s). I surmised that it might be the test 2.6 kernels I was using from the Fedora development tree.

    Needless to say …

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  76. new rack update

    Just so people don't get the wrong idea, the Dell Rack is for my friend [Dennis]' work, eVectis. We left a little after 8am this morning, met [Ian] at Sheetz (coincidentally), and continued on our way to PC Retro - reminds me of a chop-shop for computers. Anyway, after getting this …

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  77. new website

    It's updated again. Woo-hoo. Most of the pages are XHTML Transitional (I have some legacy stuff to port), and I have some wierd issue w/ IE6 not showing the date of the articles (but you can select it..). Hopefully it's more accessibly now; I just need to work on the …

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  78. hp zt3000 review up

    I'm even writing this blog on my new laptop! You can view pictures of my new laptop, and read how my linux installation has been going (Windows is boring, it just works ;). Things are pretty cozy now, just trying to get some things situated, but I am carrying it around …

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  79. HP ZT3000cti

    I finally broke down and spent my Christmas Bonus.

    In a previous post, I wrote about this laptop; today I finally ordered it. It's a custom order, and isn't scheduled to ship until January 13th, but I've been reading about other orders that have arrived before their estimated ship date …

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  80. mac take 2

    For a while now, I've been thinking that Apple has been the only people making a truly inovative laptops. However, I just can't 'switch', as they would say. I need to understand an OS before I change platforms; so I got myself a older 300MHz Blue & White G3

    Now, I …

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  81. yarrow & laptops

    I've got Fedora Core 1 installed on my IBM T20 now, and it doesn't really seem all that different from RH9. There are some new things that I want to play with; namely the laptop support (supposedly caches i/o things) and ACPI.

    The laptop support will be kind-of difficult …

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  82. definitely not man's best friend

    It's common knowledge to those in 'the industry' that computers are evil.

    Case in point: my file server, Thor.

    As Sam has noted, it previously had a hard drive die during our Lan Party this past August. Today, it decided destroying data wasn't good enough. It needed to just tease …

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  83. kt400 mobo & ati radeon 9600

    Well, I figured out one reason my radeon 9600 pro doesn't work in linux; the AGP driver doesn't work with the Via KT400 chipset in Redhat 9! Apparently linux kernels < 2.4.21 don't recognize the chipset and won't load the agpgart driver; I'm recompiling 2.4.22 right now …

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  84. new mobo; same old problems

    I should know by now that installing a new motherboard isn't gonna be simple.

    I picked out the Asus A7V8X (w/ SATA & Firewire) and an AMD Athlon XP 2600+. Seemed like an awesome combo - until I tried to boot. After much unjoy (no POST or screen), I decided to plug …

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  85. duo upgrade complete

    Well, got duo upgraded again. This time to RedHat 9. There were some minor difficulties getting services running again, but overall I think things went pretty well.

    AFAIK, the only service currently not running is the MSN Transport for Jabber. I'm not even sure if that affected anyone. [Brady] had …

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  86. win2k sp3 slow boots

    I finally figured out what the problem with my slow booting win2k partition was; it all started after installing SP3. The old drivers for my promise controller were incompatible w/ SP3, and thus unhappy. The old drivers were v 1.60 build 33; to get the new ones to work …

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  87. new handheld

    I've finally replaced my old, kludgy iPAQ. I have intentions on making the iPAQ a car mp3/gps thing (if compaq ever gets off their butts and replies to my email about getting the digitizer repaired). In the meantime, I got myself a new handheld - a Palm TungstenT!! So far …

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  88. ibm thinkpad 390e is fixed

    My IBM Thinkpad 390e is happy again. After a couple weeks where I couldn't use it on battery power, it turned out it was just the battery, and not the dc-dc card that I suspected. Oh well. I did find a good source for IBM Thinkpad Parts at ACS Parts …

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  89. the time has come

    for the new duo! I know you all could tell that duo is much faster than he was. I really should have some pics of him, but I don't. You'll just have to take my word that the paint job is awesome and the ultra-bright blue (power) and orange (hd …

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  90. update on new duo

    wow. duo's gonna be even more of a beast than he currently is ;)

    We're getting dual p3 450's for him now, as well as the new case and mobo we already have. Of course, I had to buy a new stick of ram since I fried one when I removed …

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  91. new duo in-progress

    we finally got a new case, motherboard, and a bigger hard drive for duo. The motherboard is an Intel 440GX+; and after a bios update we were even able to install redhat 7.3 (only took 2.5 hrs to get to this point - would hang on aix7xxx previously)!

    Now …

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  92. manfred is back up!

    well, i got redhat 7.3 installed on my box, and am starting to get programs re-installed (like gabber ;). Thankfully my /home directory wasn't wiped. I was able to save all of my /home, which was very good. I did have backups, but they were about a week old. Guess …

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  93. /lib!? who needs /lib!?

    well, after surveying the damage after the fsck, it looks like my /lib directory is gone. Now, some people might be inclined to say, 'just copy one over from another computer!' But no.. I'm taking the more painful approach of backing everything up (the rest of my drive is fine …

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  94. no init found

    man this sucks. kernel says it's mounted root, but it can't find init; i've fsck'd the drive (lots of errors); stat'd the /sbin/init file (returns fine) - but the kernel can't find it. Acts like it's not the correct root partition; but everything seems to be there. I wouldn't mind …

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  95. server hackin

    I just realized I need to get to work on duo. I need to make jabber site-wide; by this I mean that all the domains hosted here can get 'userid@domain.com' jabber addresses, which would be really easy to remember. This way, my email and jabber id can be …

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  96. new mouseman

    I recently got the Logitech Mousman Optical, and I have to say it rules. I had the Logitech MouseMan+ (the curvy one), and it was terrific as well. The new mouse is incredibly smooth, and I'll never have to worry about the rollers gunking up ever again!

    The new mouse …

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  97. Audiogalaxy update

    Kevin (friend @ work) discovered the problem: don't use the '@xxx.net' part of your username. This worked for me; other people can try it out now!

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  98. Audiogalaxy is being annoying

    I'm running audiogalaxy on linux, and i'm having this problem where the satellite deletes my account.txt file and then tells me my account is invalid! This is very annoying. I know they're providing a free service, but this is quite irritating. I guess I'll write them and see what …

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  99. JabberApplet

    Alright! Now I can announce to the world that my Jabber server is up and running. I finally have a Java web-based applet up and running, so I can access Jabber from anywhere. The JabberApplet is terrific. It does have its quirks, but hopefully those will be ironed out. Of …

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  100. laptops rule

    wow. i've had an ibm 390e for about a month and a half now, and it rules. I can do all sorts of wireless stuff now that I couldn't before, and it's pretty kewl for portable transport as well.

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  101. linux mail clients

    Well, I can never seem to find a mail client I like. I'm currently trying out Mozilla Mail again - but I needed GPG support. Hopefully Enigmail will do the job for me. Evolution is just to big and slow. Sigh.

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  102. routing in linux

    echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward to forward ip traffic on a host. very useful when you have another router behind your firewall.

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  103. windows virus vulnerability

    Heh. Windows boxes are stoopid. The latest virus Nimda (Code Blue previously) has been hammering our network, including duo. Check out the stats for the # of nimda attempts at the bottom of the page...

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  104. usb mass storage

    Found out that usb mass storage in linux needs scsi support. Didn't determine how much - just enabled scsi support, scsi disk support, and generic scsi support. wierd.

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  105. K6-2 CPU upgraded

    Well, again I'm a week behind. I got a K6-2 400 last week. It is sweet. $46 dollars or so @ a computer show. The heat sink I bought is monsterous. I also got a 48x CD-ROM drive. Can we tell I'm on a budget? Check out the updated rigs page …

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  106. main desktop upgrade

    The beast has finally been built. I thought it would be easy, but noooooo. Win95 has to be a pain in the ass. Oh well. It's up and running now, OC'd to 300 (100x3) instead of 266 (66X4). Sweet. Now to reinstall apps...

    Oh yeah-check out the details on my …

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