Week 27 update

Last week as mostly spent working on the unstarted project list (bug#13381) and trying to digest how best to handle Firefox 3's upcoming requirement for extensions to be signed or installed via SSL

Most of the work for the unstarted project list is complete; with cvs history in a database it was possible (after a lot of examining data) for me to write a script to determine whether a project was new, active, or inactive. This script will also notify project owners before their project will become inactive so they can manually mark it active in case their project activity isn't being picked up by our automated scripts right now (Mailman for now). All's that left is implementation of cvs2mysql and the new backend script

For Firefox 3's new extension requirements, we have bugs 17110 and 17302. I'll probably be spending a good bit of time looking at the current mirror setup and trying to determine how we can best handle this.

There's also been some discussion on the project-owner's list about our public roadmap recently. There's been some question as to why certain things (like unstarted project list, project stats, commit notifications) are higher priority than others (download mirror enhancements, subversion access, wiki). We'll be working this week to try to make the roadmap more in-line with the users' wishes and probably be shifting some priorities around (especially due to Firefox 3's new extension requirements).