Thor upgrade complete

Pictures, yeah! I've got four 400G drivfes, a 160G and a 250G drive LVM'd together to make a 400G, and another 400G in an RMA process. Add it together and you have around 2TB of data at home. Not too bad.

I managed to get Xen up and running - Fedora made the process pretty simple. Xen's a big moving target these days, so you have to get comfortable with a lot of terminology before moving forward but there's lots of tools available and lots of information out there that just requires putting the right search terms into Google ;-).

I now have Thor setup with a large RAID-5 array. I have backups working (that was the highest priority) and I managed to get my PVR-500 passed through using the pciback/pcifront modules to my domain that will be my MythTV backend ("vidcap"), but there's still a lot on the plate:

  • Get the RAID starts without LVM problem worked out (my array has an LVM member in it, but LVM isn't started yet so the array gets created in degraded mode)
  • There are still some servers that need backups setup for them. Thor's one of them, unfortunately.
  • Get samba configured correctly. I don't even know where to start.
  • Get my HTPC and vidcap servers setup again

So lots to do on this front, still. I know it will all be worth it, but I just have to do a better job at balancing the personal stuff with other projects I have on my plate.