Mozdev admin meeting minutes for 2007-09-04

Present: David Boswell (davidwboswell), Doug Warner (silfreed),

Michael Dosser (tanker)

Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

Discussed current developer projects and upcoming projects:

- Performance problems don't seem to be related to Drupal or staging server;

possibly connectivity issues, but haven't been able to prove that yet. - Top-50 page work is stalled right now on fixes with the data

Discussed systems projects:

- working on the top-50 xml feed w.r.t. comments posted in the bug - automation of copying web logs for processing didn't work; looking into it

Project Owners requests

- remove attachment from bugzilla - clean out project repository - Mic will be looking into these

Custom code storage

- Where should we store code that is created for (either sysadmin,

web code, or other)? - Hovercraft project was created to create an installable version of,

but hasn't been maintained so it's difficult to integrate into that project. - Create new project that devs/admins can share: