All your boxes are upgraded to F8

I finally have all my boxes upgraded to F8 (via yum; viva la Live Upgrage SIG!). It really wasn't as bad as I anticipated, and in fact, probably much better than my anaconda-based upgrade for F7 since I had all my third-party repos enabled for the upgrade and didn't have many stragglers after it was all done.

Two of my home servers were still running FC-6 (!!). These boxes presented some problems getting upgraded since they were running some more esoteric package sets. My one server gave me fits of problems with getting unmet dependencies for packages that clearly existed. This one was an x86_64 box and was giving me a "missing dependency" for glibc.i686. /me shrugs. "yum upgrade" rather than "yum upgrade yum* rpm*" seemed to get it fixed. I did have to remove a number of packages beforehand, but that didn't bother me much.

Overall I am very impressed with the F8 release. My statements earlier about Fedora not having enough direction were apparently completely without merit, or were just the result of not having enough first-hand experience with what had been going on. Hopefully I'll be able to give a bigger hand to development for F9 and keep the great work going.