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  1. Default gnome-terminal size

    Here's the command I found to set the default gnome-terminal height:

        gconftool-2 /desktop/gnome/applications/terminal/exec --type string -s 'gnome-terminal --geometry=85x40'

    Now when I hit "meta-t" I get the size gnome-terminal that I like.

    Oh, to get "meta-t" to work, you might want to set this as well …

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  2. MediaIndexer project setup

    I was able to setup the MediaIndexer (working project name) website and repository tonight so Brady and I have a place to coordinate. Trac + Mercurial was really pretty easy to setup; and I've had the sources in Mercurial for a week or so already (made it nice for copying code …

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  3. CentOS upgrade success

    Since yum isn't capable of downgrading the correct package, I decided to try smart.

    And after a couple hours (literally) of computing transactions, it worked.

    Now, there's definitely some cleanup to do, but it's pretty good. Unfortunately smart isn't available for RHEL 5 yet (I've emailed rpmforge to request it …

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  4. FC6 Xen now working

    For awhile now my file server has been running Fedora Core 6. I never have a good time to upgrade it to Fedora 7 because I'm always using it.

    In the beginning I had envisioned running multiple VMs on it for compiling packages; it's an x86_64 box, so I would …

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