So, what have I been doing for the past couple months? You would think "not much" if you've followed my todo list. In fact, even the short-term goals on that list are probably better considered "1 month" goals, as anything shorter typically doesn't make it to the list.

Most of my time recently has been preparing for the baby (even the week off I had over Christmas). Lots of little things - putting up shelves, cleaning, organizing, putting things together. The nursery is complete, so now we pretty much just do as much mental preparing as possible for the next 7 weeks.

In other news, I finally made another step on working on the HomeNetwork, I've purchased 4x 400G drives in order to start with a 1.6TB RAID-5 array (I have one 400G already). Getting things setup has been slow, though, as the migration process involves killing the HTPC temporarily. And I managed to kill the BIOS in that motherboard for a couple hours last night - not too fun.

And the "SqueeeePOOF!" is from Sunday Night/Monday Morning when Tiff and I were woken from our sleep around 3:30am to a really loud and annoing squeeling sound. I fiddled with my alarm clock for a minute trying everything I could think of to shut it up, the entire time Tiff is afraid she did something to it earlier in the day by listening to the radio on it. Eventually I figure out it's not the alarm clock but is the PC sitting in the room (which was powered off), so I go over to it and hit the power button.... and POOF. Dead computer. So I carried that downstairs to be diagnosed later .. with the horrible smell of burnt/blown capacitors lingering in the room. Oh, and I managed to shut off my alarm while I was fiddling with it so I didn't wake up on time, either.