Mozdev status update for W45-2007

Another big week of mirror work. I received responses from all the current mirrors as well as some that I wasn't aware was acting as a mirror. I have most of the mirrors assigned to regions so redirection to the closest mirror should be happening in the near future (once I work out a couple little quirks).

- Updated content - Our content was a little stale but is now being generated dynamically from our list of available mirrors. There's even a tool for you to enter your IP address and see what your preferred mirror set is. - Download counters - I've setup tracking of downloads so that we could re-enable the downloads() function for our project sites so they can see how many downloads they're receiving for particular files. The Top 50 page has even been updated to show downloads for the last month. - Drupal setup for several projects - Several projects have requested to have Drupal setup so that they can evaluate its features. The projects include stalemate, Mycroft, and Brief.

I would like to get the last pieces of the download redirection completed.

I will also be working on a secure installation method and would appreciate any comments people have about my proposal.

Happening simultaneously might be the Bugzilla 3.0 upgrade. We'll be announcing on the project-owners list when this is planned to occur and will be asking people to check out our test install to make sure we haven't overlooked anything.