Dell 2007wfp

After seeing the Dell 2007wfp show up on sale, I knew I needed one. I had gotten used to the extra desktop space, and being in several IRC rooms at the same time, it's definitely helpful to have the extra room.

I've used a Dell 2005wfp in the past and I knew it was very good. I like the 2007wfp even better. The stand allows it to adjust lower vertically - because of this I don't need to purchase a laptop stand. And unlike before, I definitely have a use for the USB ports on the LCD. The styling is incredibly good, and I haven't seen any dead or stuck pixels. The LCD is so bright compared to my laptop that it makes my laptop look pitiful! I have it set to 25% brightness just to be somewhat close to the laptop LCD.

I'm definitely going to enjoy the extra desktop space :-D