Week 37 Year 2007 status update

Drupal for Mozdev is getting close to being ready to implement in production, so I've been mostly working on other bugs this week.

- Drupal integration into Mozdev site - I started looking into how to link Drupal into Mozdev's site - specifically how to include it in the navigation. I haven't gotten too far with this yet. - bug#17724 and bug#17733 to get some mirrors to fix their mime type problems - Asked project owners to test out Drupal - Our drupal installation is pretty much ready to test, so I asked our project owners to check it out. - Look into having bugzilla manage our public feedback - In order to keep track of issues reported by our users we're looking into having our feedback list forward into Bugzilla. We're looking to upgrade to Bugzilla 3 in the near future so we'll probably wait until after that. The biggest problem right now is that the email_in.pl script requires the user emailing to have an existing bz account, so Myk said I should look into adding that to the script when we're ready to work on this again and submit it as a patch. - Disabling old tools - Mozdev has a number of old tools laying around that either aren't being used anymore or are being replaced by Drupal. I'll have a report for the board at our next meeting. - Tool to disable guest checkouts - Some projects don't want to allow guest checkouts so we've developed a tool to help disable that if necessary (the reasons need to be good). - Upgrade cvsweb - Upgrading cvsweb will allow us to keep the protected directory from even showing up in the list (since it's not possible to view it anyway). I have the groundwork done; so now we need to find time to implement it. - Publish tool not working - Mozdev has a tool to publish/unpublish a project, but the publishing part wasn't working. I submitted a patch to get that going again.

Next weeks tasks will probably mostly depend on how testing goes with Drupal and our Tuesday board meeting. If things are still going slow with Drupal I might start research on setting up Subversion.