Project overload

I have about 7 big projects up in the air right now (they're all on my todo list except one):

  • Get Thor and my MythTV boxes up and running again
  • Get my car's 60k service done
  • Build a web/database app for a fire house raffle
  • Build a web site for Company 49
  • Consulting with Bitleap on Voip/telephony
  • Consulting with PA Online on Networking
  • Label photos

And then, of course, I have a baby coming in about 5 weeks. These are all exciting and fun things (especially the baby), but also very stessful.

So far I haven't found a very productive way to get through the stress. I basically push myself very hard until I go to sleep (hmm.. 23:03...) or I completely tone it all out and ignore it - right now my outlet is The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Neither of these solutions is very good, and I'm not very good at managing small timeslices of each of these projects. I'll typically work at one project for 2-3 hours at a time, then call it a night. That often precludes everything else - I'll forget about keeping up with the laundry, or playing with the dog, or cleaning the house, or paying attention to Tiff (definitely not good).

How do others deal with a full-time job, part-time jobs, other hobbies, and still have time for family? Right now my priorities aren't lined up the way I'd like them to be; it's basicially the order I listed it above. I'd like family to be moved up much higher in the list, kind-of sharing the top spot w/ the primary job. Any way I cut it, I have to get better at handling multiple things at the same time.