Mozdev status update for W48-2007

This past weeks activities included:

- Fixed bugs in scripts from bugzilla table move - Created patch for warning new bugzilla users that their email addresses will be public - Staging upgrades to to serve recently-updated files directly from D.MD.o - Updated blog display on front page - The block now shows the three most recent blogs with a "read all" link instead of one news and one non-news item. - Staging work to redirect to closest mirror - I tried implementing this last week but the server load was too great. I made modifications to ease the load caused by finding the closest mirror as well as recent server work will allow me to retry this again this week. - theme fixes - Improving the all themes (with priority on the winter theme) so they work better in mixed http/https environments.

This week we're going to re-evaluate some of the items on our roadmap that are in the second group. I'll be trying to implement some of the download redirection features I've been working on (if they don't overload the server again) and writing up the documentation on how to setup/request per-product permissions in Bugzilla. I'll most likely start the research on cleaning up our product listing and categorization in order to get that ball rolling along.