Speaker wiring

Other than my {NODE 399}Dad's 60th birthday{/NODE}, I spent this weekend cutting holes in my walls and running wires in my basement drop-ceiling.

I started Saturday morning around 07:30 and stopped around 10:30 (3 hours). Most of the time was spent figuring out where my one interior wall was, and the rest of the time was cutting a couple holes and running a single pull-wire.

Sunday my Dad came over (on his birthday!) and we got to work around 09:30, finishing up around 14:30 (another 5 hours). We were able to finish up all the "hard" parts - drilling holes in exterior walls (pulling out insulation where necessary), running conduit to the "master" wall plate, and pulling wires between all the outlets.

All together, I added 5 new wall plates - 3x 4-port Leviton plates with 2x binding posts with 16ga speaker wire back to the master panel, a single 2-port Leviton plate with RG-6 run to it and back to the master panel, and a single 12-port Leviton plate with 3x binding post sets, 2x CAT5 jacks, and a single F-type jack.

I still need to pick up some F-type Leviton connectors as well as a half dozen white blanks for the panels, but the project is mostly finished. I'll be able to remove the speak from my banister (rear center channel) and remove a ton of wire that was stuffed under my trim. The network wire alone was probably 30 feet long since it had to snake most of the way around the room - the speaker wires were pretty close to that length as well.

The last "big" home project I have for the summer now is to get my rack in order, and my patch panels for that just arrived today. Guess I better get started.