Admin meeting for 2007-07-31

Present: Doug Warner (silfreed), Michael Dosser (tanker), Eric Jung (ericjung), Myk Melez (myk)

Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

Discussed Mic's sysadmin priorities:

  • Amazon EC2/S3 setup is going well
    • Need to determine whether to move old logfiles to EC2 for processing
    • Just running EC2 is $72/mo ($0.10/hr) (plus storage)
    • VM time is $0.10/Hr
    • Transfer is $0.10/GB
    • Storage is $0.15/GB (need a period of time for this)
    • We have 425 days of logs to transfer equalling 34GB
    • 34GB = $3.40 to transfer the data
    • Decided to transfer the logs and process
    • Results will be 800MB/day (uncompressed)
    • Options are to leave the data on the EC2/S3 instance and pay CPU + Storage
      • bandwidth to view the stats, or leave the VM powered off except to transfer the log files, process, and transfer the results.
    • Storage for current results are .8 * 426 * 0.15 = \$52/mo
    • We need to figure out what the results compress to in order to figure out our monthly bandwith costs
    • Stick with EC2/S3 for now until the costs are clearer
  • some minor security work was also done to the servers

Discussed Doug's developer priorities:

  • Drupal has been progressing well:
    • Have been recently working on solidifying default installation process using "Install Profiles" that will make setting up the database and settings for each project easy
    • Discussed ability to sync logins; I'll look into pulling login info from our current database
    • Curerntly working to solidify permissions and create installation profile
    • Target is to get the setup usable by end-of-week
    • Eric: timeline for implementation? Doug: 2-3 weeks; the project is going very well
  • LDAP for logins
    • Briefly mentioned that an LDAP database for user logins might make integration between packages easier
    • Eric and Mic both have experience
    • Eric is concerned with the implementation; might be difficult/ugly
  • replacement for Eric?
    • host at
    • I'll check w/ people to see if it's feasible