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  1. Reflecting on FUDCon

    This past weekend was great; I met a lot of people I've only seen in IRC or on mailing lists, hacked on MyFedora (mockup) a bunch, attended and filmed a bunch of sessions, and just tried to get some of the "Fedora vibe" and see how everyone interacts.

    Todd and … read more
  2. FUDCon 2008 this weekend

    Heading down with Todd Zullinger today to Raleigh, NC to hit up FUDCon.

    I'm pretty excited about this trip; I've been a user of Red Hat products for about 9 years now, and while I've done some packaging for several years I've only recently become a Fedora contributor and have … read more
  3. FC6 Xen now working

    For awhile now my file server has been running Fedora Core 6. I never have a good time to upgrade it to Fedora 7 because I'm always using it.

    In the beginning I had envisioned running multiple VMs on it for compiling packages; it's an x86_64 box, so I would …

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