Week 30 update

Bug#13381 should be finished up "real soon now." After I got some help getting things installed in production there were a few bugs to fix and features to add. Specifically I added RSS feeds for each of the lists, I added an admin page for sending the inactive message to projects, and I modified the reactivation page so a key was generated to validate each reactivation request (prevents spamming/abuse). I just need some help rewording the reactivation emails and some final approval and that can be moved into place.

The Drupal installation is progressing well; I was able to get Drupal installed on Mozdev's staging server and add the appropriate rewrite rules to make it work (with clean URLs, yeah!). I separated out any parts of the installation that are separate from core that we need to modify (the "files" and "sites" directories for uploaded files and site configuration, respectively) and began the work of customizing the installation for Mozdev's use. I started working on modifying the Chameleon theme for Mozdev using the CSS that Chris Neale created for themeing Mozdev's bugzilla. For a quick hack, it worked pretty well. I also began work on creating an installation profile for Mozdev which will streamline the process of creating each project's Drupal install.

This week I'm hoping to finish up the unstarted projects list (for real this time) and get Drupal to a point where the Mozdev board can test out the installation by creating sites for their respective projects and using the installs.