Mozdev status update for W49-2007

Lots of progress on squashing mirror bugs!

- Redirecting user to their closest mirror - Downloads directly from D.MD.o for recently-updated files - Per-project RSS feed of downloads

Other tasks:

- Ideas on various bugs - disaster recovery plan, broadcasting system for problems, centralized account management system, profile page for updating email address - Community discussion on Mozdev generating update.rdf files for projects - Renamed provided RSS feeds for CVS logs and download files - instead of RSS feeds that end in .html extensions, the feeds have been renamed to be a little prettier. - Setup lots of projects with permissions to manage their Bugzilla product - Drupal 5.4 and 5.5 upgrades

This week I hope to begin working on the tagging of projects; to get to that I first need to get a login system for so this and the upcoming tools have a central "account" to log into rather than each page requiring credentials.