Mozdev sysadmin meeting minutes for 2007-10-09

Present: David Boswell (davidwboswell), Doug Warner (silfreed),

Michael Dosser (tanker), Eric Jung (ericjung)

Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

Discussed developer priorities

- Drupal still ready to deploy - mirror-up script ready to deploy - working on browsable - working on mirror admin tools - soon to work on mirror redirection to closest mirror - soon to work on download registration system

Discussed sysadmin priorities

- security updates for tk/tcl on production & stage - upgraded subversion on stage - tried to fix the prefswitch cvs problem, but ran into problems

User request: prefswitch - remove revisions of prefswitch/src/switch.xml

- Doug's RCS command didn't work - Doug found this command which worked: rcs -o1.2:1.8 switch.xml,v - this might not be possible in the future with other VCS tools without lots

of hassle - fixed - Mic sent email to user

Mirror updates

- ask Pete to do them or give Doug access

Mysql errors around 00:23 PDT - script problem or db problem?

- Mic couldn't find anything that would cause the db to be unavailable - munin does a lot of work from 00:00 - 00:45 - Doug wasn't able to reliably reproduce the error before, but was able

to generate an error during the meeting - Doug will follow up by looking into the script - Mic noticed that the errors are coming from - /Doug smacks


Drupal & rollout timeframe?

- Mic will look into it today or tomorrow

Sync state with production?

- production server has much bigger drives than stage; some things will

need excluded - Mic will look into what it will take to bring things up to date