Mozdev W39-Y2007 status update

Drupal is ready to be deployed, so that's in a holding pattern waiting for the sysadmins to get time to set things up.

Since Drupal's currently stalled, I've moved onto other projects. Lots of cleanup of various tools that have been implemented recently and started evaluating tools to improve our mirror setup.

- bug#17780 to create a CVS Log RSS feed was implemented - Each project's CVS activity can now be tracked through an RSS feed. - bug#11393 - renable Top 50 page was released - The Top 50 projects page was re-released, complete with movement in the past day and an RSS feed so you can keep tabs on how your project stacks up to others on the site. - bug#8279 - improve mirror detection - This actually involves a lot of mirror management problems we've been experiencing - we need to pull mirrors out of rotation when they go down, or when the files are stale, or when the files are being served with the incorrect mime type. We'd also like to be able to browse "" and only redirect to a mirror for the download (this makes it much easier to link to files). And when we have problems with a mirror, we need to know who to contact. I spent a lot of time today trying to setup Bouncer but didn't get anywhere with loading files into (although the web interface and Sentry appear to run correctly). - Prepared instructions for Drupal rollout - Research into how to integrate Drupal - Unfortunately it looks like the project owners will need to manually modify their project_nav.html to add the links and their head.txt to add the RSS feeds; we don't have a way to automatically do this right now. I did, however, modify the mozdevauth module to log whether Drupal was enabled for a site or not - this will give us the option to automate this at a future date. - Helped implement upgraded to cvsweb 3.0.6

Plans for next week include:

- Evaluate Bouncer - I need to determine if Bouncer can even do what we need before I put much more time into it. - Look into setting up Bonsai and LXR - these are tools that should be relatively easy to setup but are missing - Research into how to automate project setup - There are a number of manual steps in setting up a project right now. Removing them would free up admin time for other tasks.