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  1. Poles Steeple hike

    Brady and I did a hike last Sunday (2007-11-18) up to Poles Steeple in Pine Grove. The hike was good; lots of "up". I was hoping for a better view, but the fog prevented that. It also turns out we got up there too late for a good view of …

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  2. Spotts Road hike

    Brady and I managed a short hike on Saturday in the snow. Brady got some decent pictures, but I didn't have anything with me (well, my cell-phone, but..).

    At any rate, you can check out my stats.


    {IMAGE:/sites/silfreed.net/files/2007-11-10-hike-map …

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  3. Saturday hike and SciFi viewing

    Saturday was mostly a relaxation day; I was able to get a lot of the cleaning around the house done Friday before picking up Jocelyn (yeah flex scheduling!), so Saturday I spent time with Tiffany and Jocelyn and then went out with "the boys" (aka, Brady and Kevin).

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