Mozdev status update for W46-2007

  • Fixed Drupal theme selection bug - Users were unable to change their theme due to me forcing the setting in settings.php globally.
  • Planning fixes to mysql errors caused by backups - I've been working with Mozdev's sysadmins to try to figure out how best to deal with the two-minute outage daily due to our mysql backups. Currently we believe most of the outage is due to our large bugzilla database and are addressing that.
  • Checking new apache rewrite rules - We have a new sysadmin that is making good strides at cleaning up some of our cruft that has accumulated over the years; I've been going over changes made and making suggestions.
  • Caching download file information - In order to improve functionality on D.MD.o I've added caching of file size, last modified, and md5 and sha1 hashes.
  • Worked on theme for Thanksgiving
  • Updated RSS feeds to include atom links - now suggests that your RSS 2.0 feeds include an atom:link element, so that has been added to our project and CVS RSS feeds.
  • Repaired our master rsync mirror content - Our master rsync mirror's content was accidentally deleted and therefore no new downloads had been pushed out to our mirrors over Thursday/Friday. Additionally, the most recent scripts that updated the content on our master server were also deleted and not checked into CVS, so those had to be fixed up a bit. Content was restored by Friday afternoon, in time for our master rsync server to go down over the weekend. All access appears to be restored as of Monday afternoon and mirrors appear to be updating.