Mozdev status update W40-2007

Most of this week was spent working on mirror improvements and preparing for the Drupal rollout.

- Determined Bouncer won't work for Mozdev - Bouncer's reliance on Product, Version, Language, and OS makes it not quite suitable for Mozdev since we don't make our project owners track language or OS for their downloads. We'd also prefer not to switch our download paths around at this point, so we can't rely on hacks to make it work. - bug#8279 - Pull mirrors out of rotation automatically - re-worked the script that watches our mirrors to check whether the mirror is stale and if the content types are being served correctly. This is just waiting to go into production. - bug#5723 - Mask mirrors with - I began work on hiding our mirrors behind an actual browseable I have the script working and redirecting once a file is reached, but I need to do some work on sorting before it can be ready for release. - bug#3000 - Disallow dot-files on mirror sites - I updated our master mirror to filter out some files. - CVS commit log RSS feed changes - I enabled the RSS feed for all projects and added new options to just disable the feed or the link to the feed. I'll be looking into allowing filtering of the feed's contents in case a project owner wants to provide an RSS feed just for downloads and an RSS feed just for source changes, for example.

Next week I plan to continue on improvements to our mirror system.