Mozdev Status Update for W43-2007

  • Drupal rolled out to production - This resolves bug#7020, bug#10166, and bug#17020.

    There has been some community discussion about the /drupal (as in stuck in the middle of the path for the blog, wiki, and forum. Right now that is an unavoidable side-effect of using one CMS for providing all the features. I offered that if a suitable alternative this could be easily renamed to something else, but nothing has been offered yet.

  • Mirror management library and interface - I'm still working on a mirror management setup for Mozdev, but was mostly held up last week learning some of the new jQuery UI features. So far I'm very happy with my progress and believe the new interface will be a big help for Mozdev admins.

    Of course, the main reason we need a new management interface is to provide new features for downloads using our mirror system. We're hoping to add download counters, closest-mirror redirection for the user (with better support for recently-uploaded files), and possibly most importantly, secure installations of extensions.

  • Brainstormed and researched ideas about our mail system delays - We're tracking the ideas in bug#17280 and bug#17667, but the summary is that right now we think that the 110k+ messages being held by Mailman are generating a lot of daily reminder messages. I haven't been able to confirm this, so if others with experience in mass Mailman setups can comment on whether that's possible, I'd love to hear it.