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  1. gajim-pinger

    I've written a little shell script I'm calling gajim-pinger.  If you use gajim for IM and ping.fm for updating your social networks, this simplifies things by:

    1. updating ping.fm
    2. updating your gajim status message

    It does this by using zenity to ask you what you're doing, then gajim-remote to …

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  2. rcsedit

    I've had this little script laying around for awhile that I use as a wrapper for RCS to check out a group of files in one batch, edit them all, and commit them. So I setup repository for rcsedit in case others want to try it out.

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  3. A non-custom CMS!? What are you thinking!?

    This is a big step for me. It's the first time I've used a non-custom CMS.

    Since I've owned silfreed.net it's always been a custom app. I used jogger (then jolem, then blogstar) to create blog posts through a jabber/XMPP bot. However, this lacked the flexibility to create …

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  4. Trackbacks Disabled

    Due to comment spam, I've had to disable trackbacks. I don't think this is a big problem for anyone; the technical implementation was really bad. I don't have any approved trackbacks, but 1,938 non-approved trackbacks - all spam. This should hopefully slow down the flood of 'approve this comment!' emails …

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  5. Site Update - Gallery 2.1

    I've finally upgraded my photo album to Gallery 2.1rc1. I've been holding out on upgrading due to the fact that Gallery 2.0 didn't have an RSS module - now 2.1 does :-).

    The theme was very easy to modify to include my custom header and footer to merge it …

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  6. Killing Comment Spam

    While some other blog software has had comment moderation before, since I use a completely hand-written CMS, I needed to implement it myself. I've been having quite the problem with comment spam recently (as any of you with RSS readers has seen, I'm sure), but hopefully my solution will fix …

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  7. Packaging and Hacking

    Although I'm not part of any cool group like RPMforge.net, I still do like to build packages. Unfortunately I've been a little lazy recently and have gotten behind in some that really should be done.

    I've been working trying to get a bunch of different Jabber-related packages together …

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  8. site updates

    I recently upgraded both [NetMRG]'s and my own CVS repositories into subversion repositories. Everything seemed to go pretty smoothly. I setup ssh access for developers, and have both the webdav stuff setup for anonymous checkouts and the new ViewCVS setup for tree browsing. The only thing I recommend is …

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  9. website found in the wild

    Yep, released another version of this website. Although I still think it needs some work, I'm much happier with it at this point than my old website, and wanted to stop looking at it. Feel free to leave me comments; I plan on updating it a bit more to fix …

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  10. cvs access and jabber clients

    In case you didn't notice, I now have CVS repository up for some of my projects. Most of them are small, but hopefully useful.

    I've been playing w/ other jabber clients recently as well. I'm currently using gaim b/c I like how it works w/ AIM, but I'm missing …

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  11. photo album updated

    It almost even works now! Things don't time out (thanks Daniel!), and it looks much better with everything else. In case you're wondering, I called the package 'phalbum', and I should be releasing it soon (once I get viewcvs setup). In the mean time, check out my online photo album …

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  12. new look, once again

    Yes, it's time to redo the look of my website again ;)

    You'll probably find broken links, if you do, please email them to me. I've moved my articles into a database now (finally; the guy that loves databases and still has flat files laying around) and reorganized my downloads, so …

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  13. netmrg 0.10pre2

    Another version of everybody's (well, [Brady]'s and mine anyway) favorite graphing software, NetMRG, has been released! This is mostly a features and bugfix release; FreeBSD support has been improved, Group History Navigation was added, Graph titles and options were added, an user preferences are notable. Enjoy!

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  14. netmrg 0.10pre1 released

    Even though [Brady] doesn't like the phrase "out the door", NetMRG has been released! It's taken a long time to get to this point, but we're very happy about this release. I hope people find NetMRG to be useful; we certainly have had a good time working on it. What …

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  15. new jabber client

    Well, I have a new jabber client (For now).

    Kopete (don't ask me how to pronounce it) is a mutli-protocol KDE IM client. I've got all my contacts re-worked to work with it, but I'm not sure if I like it yet or not. This also means I'll have to …

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  16. more netmrg fun

    Well, [Brady] and I have been making great strides in NetMRG, which you can follow in the NetMRG CVS Tree. We're working for an 0.9 release - but we still have a number of showstoppers (see TODO).

    We hope to have this done in a couple weeks, but no promises …

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  17. arpdetect released

    After a nice little 3 hr perl binge, I've released arpdetect!

    It's a perl daemon that just sits there and looks to see if the network changed; if it has, it performs whatever actions you've defined for that network. This is very useful for laptops that change networks frequently.

    For …

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  18. more jabber logging fun!

    With [Brady] here watching the TNN ST:TNG thingy tonight (prepping for Nemesis!), I got bored and started working on the frontend for the gabber + tkabber database logger. Well, it got pretty far along, and wound up being a pretty decent frontend, I think. Check out the latest version, and …

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  19. jabber log importer

    [Brady] was talking about how he used to database-ify his AIM (tm) logs back in the day, and I though, "That would be neat to do with my jabber logs!" So, I wrote a couple scripts that can import logs from Gabber and Tkabber. You can find it in my …

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  20. silbot no more

    silbot has been retired - but only in name. It is now known as 'jolem' - the Jabber Golem. I thought it was different the the boring old *bot scheme. I'll release the code soon, as well. Just some minor cleanup to do, then we're ready.

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  21. more silbot fun

    in preparations of (maybe) releasing silbot code for others to enjoy (mostly for educational purposes), I've been hacking it to do xml config parsing and to start using the 'show' (online, away, dnd, etc) and 'status' (text messages describing your 'show'). You can see this in operation on my site …

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  22. netmrg in the works

    [Brady] might shoot me for this.. but here goes..

    I've been helping [Brady] work on the new version of

    NetMRG, and I have to say, it's pretty slick. It may

    not be a complete RRD

    frontend like Cacti, but

    it works great for network monitoring.

    Features have been coming along …

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  23. at&t bill parser

    I've been working on a AT&T Wireless Bill Parser. Things are going pretty well so far. I'm able to jump though all the login hoops and download the invoice page - now I just have to parse the invoice page. At that point I want to be able to stick …

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  24. silbot functionality

    silbot has slowly gain more and more functionality. It can now ping, traceroute, log messages (ie, blog), and now has my sms-splitter functionality. I intend to add category support to the blogging; this way you can update multiple sections of your website from one place. I guess I need to …

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  25. new blogger up

    So, I've finally gotten rid of that PoS jogger stuff. I've written my very own bot to handle my updates called 'silbot'. If you'd like to talk to it, just point your jabber client at 'silbot@silfreed.net'.

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  26. new jabber server

    Finally have the latest jabber server up and running. I've still been trying to get the latest Jogger (from CVS) to work correctly. It dies with the error:

    Can't use string ("1") as an ARRAY ref while "strict refs" in use at /usr/lib/perl5/site\_perl/5.6.1 …
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  27. auto-smoothwall connect script

    I've written a little perl script that uses the curl program to connect, disconnect, or tell you the status of your smoothwall box. This can be very useful for putting in scripts to make your box connect and then disconnect on demand (if you're like me, and don't like dial-on-demand …

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  28. Nagios SNMP Gauge plugin

    I've written a Nagios SNMP Gauge plugin. It allows a person to check a series of mibs (oids) for data out of bounds (min and max). I mostly wrote this to do remote disk checks, but it could be used for cpu on some devices as well. It also has …

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  29. nagios/netsaint plugins

    I've written two nagios/netsaint plugins. They can be found in the downloads section.

    The first is check_snmp_counter - it's purpose is to watch counters via snmp and make sure they don't go over or under a certain range.

    The second is check_tcping - it's a tcp ping for when udp or …

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  30. jogger database updates

    I added fulltext to the 'body' field of the 'entries' table in jogger in hopes of adding a search engine soon. You can check out my current progress at my beta site.

    <warning>: this site can be in a state of flux, and might not always work or look very …

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  31. jogger 0.8

    I'm not sure this new jogger is all its cracked up to be..

    When I subscribe to jogger using 'jogger@jogger.jabber.silfreed.net', jogger dies without allowing my subscription to its presense.

    When I subscribe to jogger using 'jogger.jabber.silfreed.net', it allows me to see its presence …

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  32. new jogger!

    Well, I'm testing out jogger v0.8 from cvs. I hope this version works a little better...

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  33. phaym

    phpAIM has changed it's name to phaym - I think it stands for something like 'php aim - AOL Yanks Monkeys' - or something like that.

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  34. phpAIM (AIM is (tm) AOL)

    This is what I wrote to my SourceForge account about the development of phpAIM (AIM is (tm) AOL).

    Unfortunately, development has stalled before it really started. I was originally going to design a PHP script that modeled the Perl Net::AOLIM module, but I think I'd rather write an extension …

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  35. PHP scripting

    You know, I really think PHP could be a really good scripting language, but there are definitely some things holding it back.

    For one, there is no support for SIGnals from the OS. Things like SIGKILL and SIGHUP. These would be really useful. I love PHP's native database support and …

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  36. reading file for jogger

    note: readme for installing jogger needs a little updating. doesn't even mention that you need to modify the jabber.xml file and add a component for it.

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