Differential incremental backup solutions that don't require "root"

I've been using rdiff-backup for several windows computers recently and it has worked out well. I started looking into using it for linux, but ran into a small problem.

Transfers of the backups between computers assumes root access on the destination.

This is a big problem for me; there's no reason to need root access on the destination server to save a backup of one system to another. The reason it's needed is to preserve UIDs and GIDs and set arbitrary attributes.

I don't have this problem with my tar-based backups.

Ideally, I'd like a solution that provides:

  1. Differential backups - only backup what has changed
  2. Incremental backups - backups of the same directories only records what's changed between runs
  3. Preserves permissions in some kind of manifest - this way I don't need to setup root ssh keys between servers
  4. (optional) compresses the backup

So lazyweb, do you know of this solution?