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  1. Christmas has begun!

    Well, finally did the musical/play thing that Tiff and I had been practicing for the past two weeks for. Overall, it went very well, and Tiff's mom said that we sing very well together. She seemed very sincere about it, but I have a hard time believing it since …

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  2. The Two Towers

    Well, I did go to see Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers on Friday, but didn't get to write about it yet... until now!

    Contrary to what [Brady] said, I thought the 3 hours was well spent. I did feel like some parts were slightly drawn out, but overall …

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  3. Nemesis and LOTR:TTT

    Well, I felt Nemesis was a bit disappointing. It really did feel like it was supposed to be a 3 hour movie, and had bunches cut out. Don't get me wrong, I still liked it; but the parts used from other STs ("Auto-Destruct is offline") was annoying, but other parts …

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  4. nemesis and christmas

    Well, I bet you were thinking there was going to be some big comparison of ST:Nemesis and Christmas, but there isn't. I'm just commenting on both ;)

    Going to see ST:Nemesis w/ [Dennis], his g/f Michelle, and possibly [Brady]. I've heard its dissappointing, but I'll probably enjoy it …

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  5. more jabber logging fun!

    With [Brady] here watching the TNN ST:TNG thingy tonight (prepping for Nemesis!), I got bored and started working on the frontend for the gabber + tkabber database logger. Well, it got pretty far along, and wound up being a pretty decent frontend, I think. Check out the latest version, and …

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  6. jabber log importer

    [Brady] was talking about how he used to database-ify his AIM (tm) logs back in the day, and I though, "That would be neat to do with my jabber logs!" So, I wrote a couple scripts that can import logs from Gabber and Tkabber. You can find it in my …

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  7. Fun at Freshmeat

    Was playing around Freshmeat's user prefs, and found a feature called 'friends.' After Ian and I messed around w/ it, this is what we concluded:

    [22:46]<Ian Berry> well that's useless, IM and e-mail capability

    [22:47]<silfreed> yep

    [22:47]<silfreed> but now we're 'friends'

    [22:48]<Ian …

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  8. silbot no more

    silbot has been retired - but only in name. It is now known as 'jolem' - the Jabber Golem. I thought it was different the the boring old *bot scheme. I'll release the code soon, as well. Just some minor cleanup to do, then we're ready.

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  9. first snow!

    Dennis, Michelle and I went to Ski Liberty tonight for their first day open this season, and the snow was pretty good. I'm definitely out of shape, but I think I'll get back into it pretty quick. It was loads of fun; I can' wait to get back out there …

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  10. more silbot fun

    in preparations of (maybe) releasing silbot code for others to enjoy (mostly for educational purposes), I've been hacking it to do xml config parsing and to start using the 'show' (online, away, dnd, etc) and 'status' (text messages describing your 'show'). You can see this in operation on my site …

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  11. new website up (about time)

    Well, [Dennis] has been bugging me for months, and I finally did it. I'm completely happy with it yet, but it'll do. It's much better than the old site, so I'm happy with that; it just doesn't have everything that I wanted yet. I'll just have to live with it …

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  12. netmrg in the works

    [Brady] might shoot me for this.. but here goes..

    I've been helping [Brady] work on the new version of

    NetMRG, and I have to say, it's pretty slick. It may

    not be a complete RRD

    frontend like Cacti, but

    it works great for network monitoring.

    Features have been coming along …

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  13. new site in the works

    Along with silbot's new features, a new site has been in the works at beta.silfreed.net for quite some time now. I'd appreciate any feedback anybody gives me, but I understand that I don't get that many hits. I really like the new 'category' support. Its very helpful (well …

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  14. ibm thinkpad 390e is fixed

    My IBM Thinkpad 390e is happy again. After a couple weeks where I couldn't use it on battery power, it turned out it was just the battery, and not the dc-dc card that I suspected. Oh well. I did find a good source for IBM Thinkpad Parts at ACS Parts …

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  15. at&t bill parser

    I've been working on a AT&T Wireless Bill Parser. Things are going pretty well so far. I'm able to jump though all the login hoops and download the invoice page - now I just have to parse the invoice page. At that point I want to be able to stick …

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  16. the time has come

    for the new duo! I know you all could tell that duo is much faster than he was. I really should have some pics of him, but I don't. You'll just have to take my word that the paint job is awesome and the ultra-bright blue (power) and orange (hd …

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  17. update on new duo

    wow. duo's gonna be even more of a beast than he currently is ;)

    We're getting dual p3 450's for him now, as well as the new case and mobo we already have. Of course, I had to buy a new stick of ram since I fried one when I removed …

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  18. new duo in-progress

    we finally got a new case, motherboard, and a bigger hard drive for duo. The motherboard is an Intel 440GX+; and after a bios update we were even able to install redhat 7.3 (only took 2.5 hrs to get to this point - would hang on aix7xxx previously)!

    Now …

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  19. not much goin on

    just need some sleep. haven't been getting too much of that recently

    so; i finally added a links page. isn't that neat? wow. this blog is about nothing. oh well.

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  20. silbot functionality

    silbot has slowly gain more and more functionality. It can now ping, traceroute, log messages (ie, blog), and now has my sms-splitter functionality. I intend to add category support to the blogging; this way you can update multiple sections of your website from one place. I guess I need to …

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  21. manfred is back up!

    well, i got redhat 7.3 installed on my box, and am starting to get programs re-installed (like gabber ;). Thankfully my /home directory wasn't wiped. I was able to save all of my /home, which was very good. I did have backups, but they were about a week old. Guess …

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  22. /lib!? who needs /lib!?

    well, after surveying the damage after the fsck, it looks like my /lib directory is gone. Now, some people might be inclined to say, 'just copy one over from another computer!' But no.. I'm taking the more painful approach of backing everything up (the rest of my drive is fine …

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  23. no init found

    man this sucks. kernel says it's mounted root, but it can't find init; i've fsck'd the drive (lots of errors); stat'd the /sbin/init file (returns fine) - but the kernel can't find it. Acts like it's not the correct root partition; but everything seems to be there. I wouldn't mind …

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  24. new blogger up

    So, I've finally gotten rid of that PoS jogger stuff. I've written my very own bot to handle my updates called 'silbot'. If you'd like to talk to it, just point your jabber client at 'silbot@silfreed.net'.

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  25. new jabber server

    Finally have the latest jabber server up and running. I've still been trying to get the latest Jogger (from CVS) to work correctly. It dies with the error:

    Can't use string ("1") as an ARRAY ref while "strict refs" in use at /usr/lib/perl5/site\_perl/5.6.1 …
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  26. server hackin

    I just realized I need to get to work on duo. I need to make jabber site-wide; by this I mean that all the domains hosted here can get 'userid@domain.com' jabber addresses, which would be really easy to remember. This way, my email and jabber id can be …

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  27. Graduating!

    If anybody tries to email me this week, you'll get a nice little automated response telling you I'm on vacation. I'm going to Myrtle Beech along with my fiance and my family; it should be a lot of fun.

    And oh yeah, I graduate tomorrow! (about damn time ;)

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  28. new mouseman

    I recently got the Logitech Mousman Optical, and I have to say it rules. I had the Logitech MouseMan+ (the curvy one), and it was terrific as well. The new mouse is incredibly smooth, and I'll never have to worry about the rollers gunking up ever again!

    The new mouse …

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  29. pff - who needs registrars?

    Well, after about 3 days of downtime, we're back! My domain expired, and then I couldn't renew it for some strange reason. Anyway, it's fixed now, and all you people who were trying to get to my domain can again.

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  30. auto-smoothwall connect script

    I've written a little perl script that uses the curl program to connect, disconnect, or tell you the status of your smoothwall box. This can be very useful for putting in scripts to make your box connect and then disconnect on demand (if you're like me, and don't like dial-on-demand …

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  31. Nagios SNMP Gauge plugin

    I've written a Nagios SNMP Gauge plugin. It allows a person to check a series of mibs (oids) for data out of bounds (min and max). I mostly wrote this to do remote disk checks, but it could be used for cpu on some devices as well. It also has …

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  32. Site update

    Well, I've finally updated my site's layout. I believe it's much better to get around. I know the color is still off a bit; but overall it seems much nicer to look at and easier to read.

    Of course, email me if you have comments.

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  33. nagios/netsaint plugins

    I've written two nagios/netsaint plugins. They can be found in the downloads section.

    The first is check_snmp_counter - it's purpose is to watch counters via snmp and make sure they don't go over or under a certain range.

    The second is check_tcping - it's a tcp ping for when udp or …

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  34. Audiogalaxy update

    Kevin (friend @ work) discovered the problem: don't use the '@xxx.net' part of your username. This worked for me; other people can try it out now!

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  35. "gauss" rifle

    Okay, I've discovered that what I called a 'Gauss rifle' is actually a railgun or coilgun. Hehe..

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  36. gauss cannons and calculus problems

    I need to look more into making my own gauss cannon/rifle. That would be really neat. Here's a little homemade toy version: Gauss Rifle

    Also, I stumped my Calculus 3 professor when I asked whether two lines in 3d space would be considered perpendicular if they didn't intersect, but …

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  37. jogger database updates

    I added fulltext to the 'body' field of the 'entries' table in jogger in hopes of adding a search engine soon. You can check out my current progress at my beta site.

    <warning>: this site can be in a state of flux, and might not always work or look very …

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  38. Audiogalaxy is being annoying

    I'm running audiogalaxy on linux, and i'm having this problem where the satellite deletes my account.txt file and then tells me my account is invalid! This is very annoying. I know they're providing a free service, but this is quite irritating. I guess I'll write them and see what …

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  39. omg! 4 updates in one day!

    Heh. Okay, this should be the last one (don't want anyone to get hurt). I definitely need to update my site layout. The webcam thingy is getting old and takes up lots of space, and all my navigation is along the bottom. Just warning everyone in case it happens sometime …

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  40. jogger 0.8

    I'm not sure this new jogger is all its cracked up to be..

    When I subscribe to jogger using 'jogger@jogger.jabber.silfreed.net', jogger dies without allowing my subscription to its presense.

    When I subscribe to jogger using 'jogger.jabber.silfreed.net', it allows me to see its presence …

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  41. new jogger!

    Well, I'm testing out jogger v0.8 from cvs. I hope this version works a little better...

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  42. misc update

    Well, classes are going pretty well. Calc 3 is loads of fun, even if I don't remember how to do integrals all that well. My other classes are mostly filler; working towards that May 11th goal of graduation.

    I've found an awesome wireless site at wardriving.com. Included are links …

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  43. Classes resume

    Well, I had a nice weekend of Snowboarding and finally seeing The Lord of the Rings. Both were terrific.

    Classes start today, and I only have one: Calc3. Math is fun, so I hope this goes well. Only one semester left!

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  44. JabberApplet

    Alright! Now I can announce to the world that my Jabber server is up and running. I finally have a Java web-based applet up and running, so I can access Jabber from anywhere. The JabberApplet is terrific. It does have its quirks, but hopefully those will be ironed out. Of …

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  45. garmin etrex venture

    just got a garmin etrex venture gps, and I have to say, it rocks. I'll post a review soon; including screenshots. This will assist [Brady] and I in our quest to mark as many Phone Company CO's and Towers. Check out Brady's latest work at this site.

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