A non-custom CMS!? What are you thinking!?

This is a big step for me. It's the first time I've used a non-custom CMS.

Since I've owned silfreed.net it's always been a custom app. I used jogger (then jolem, then blogstar) to create blog posts through a jabber/XMPP bot. However, this lacked the flexibility to create multiple tags. It was also getting difficult to maintain as my IM client of choice (Kopete) no longer has a subject bar, so I was relegated to starting up Psi then posting.

I'm sure you've read that I've been playing with Drupal a lot for Mozdev. The truth is I've learned to like it. A lot.

It might not be as lightweight as a custom CMS, but it makes up for it in flexibility. See those nice images over on the right-hand side? I've wanted to do that forever. See those multiple tags on this post? I've wanted to do that forever. See that trackback and pingback support? You get the idea.

Anyway, check it out and let me know if there are any broken links. I've tried to maintain historical links as much as possible, but I'm sure there are problems in places.

Look for much more blogging now that I can post with a lot less overhead.