Mozdev status update for W47-2007

Short week due to Thanksgiving holiday, but lots of bugs moved along.

- Preparations for Bugzilla 3.0 upgrade - Notifying project owners, working with sysadmin on other preparations - Move bugzilla tables to its own database - In order to reduce the time it takes to backup our main database and reduce complexity we wanted to move the bugzilla tables into its own database. I helped update scripts that relied on the bugzilla tables. - Drupal tweaks, fixes - Fixed menu item creation in the Mozdev install profile, increased allowed memory usage so the Garland theme could regenerate the color scheme, added comment subject module to make default comment subjects less annoying. - Per-product user permissions on Bugzilla components, versions - Performed the research into what bugzilla settings are required to allow project owners to run their own product in our bugzilla install. - Pushing blogs to our front page - Our blogs at MD.o/drupal/blog are now shown on the front page. We're trying not to take up too much space on the front page with them right now so we're limiting it to two items - one news and one non-news item. - Cleanups to MD.o's mime type handling to allow viewing directories without a trailing slash - This allows viewing pages like instead of This problem mostly reared its head under protected pages, so it might not have been a problem for that page in particular, but it was a problem.

This week I (finally) intend to finish up the redirection of users to their closest mirror and start work on the download registration system to allow for secure installations from MD.o.