Mozdev Status Update W41-2007

The big events for the week are:

- New release of - The new version allows a browseable directory tree inside's site instead of redirecting to a mirror immediately. Our mirror network is still utilized for downloads, however. - Drupal moved to production - Our Drupal installation is now in production. We'll need some time to get things setup there and add documentation, but this is one step closer to providing blogs, wikis, and forums for all our projects.

Other tasks for the week include:

- Updated bugzilla 3.0 templates for mozdev - Fixed rewrite rules breaking webcvs occasionally - Worked on various mirror bugs - Including bug#7137 (getCVSRev and Download counter) and bug#2807 (Use visitor's location to determine target download server) - New mirror check script - I wrote a new mirror check script to verify our mirrors are available and in sync and serving the files correctly. It has found a problem already (which has been corrected). - Ideas for improving downloads - I'd like to make the master version of our downloads available to our projects so that propagation delays in our mirror network don't slow the release of new software.

This week's tasks include writing documentation for Drupal, starting to get Drupal in use for, and continued work on improving the mirror system.