Saturday hike and SciFi viewing

Saturday was mostly a relaxation day; I was able to get a lot of the cleaning around the house done Friday before picking up Jocelyn (yeah flex scheduling!), so Saturday I spent time with Tiffany and Jocelyn and then went out with "the boys" (aka, Brady and Kevin).

Before Kevin got there, Brady and I went for a hike up Sherman's Mountain past the Gunter Valley Reservoir. We hit up a geocache along the way and dropped off a travel bug after holding on to it for too long (and not respecting it's owners wishes by putting it near a hunting camp :P).



After Kevin showed up at Brady's we got to getting caught up on S04E03-E06 of Stargate Atlantis. "Doppelganger" wasn't too exciting, and while "Travelers" was okay, it didn't seem to move the overall plot of the show along as much as I anticipated. "Tabula Rasa" was fairly interesting, even if it was an often-used plot line (in SciFi, anyway). It was neat to see characters thrown into a completely different personification.

Overall, an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday.