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  1. AT&T Wireless (mMode) settings for Samsung

    AT&TWS WAP 2.0 Settings:

    Name: <whatever you want>Homepage: http://homeProxies: EnablePrimary proxy address: proxy port: 8080Secondary proxy: <keep it as is>Data Bearer: GPRS Bearer SettingsGPRS Access Point: ProxyAuthentication type: NormalLogin type: AutomaticUser name: <blank>Password: <blank>

    MMS Settings:

    Name: <whatever you want …
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  2. GPS Tagging Photos

    Since I've been hiking a bit more recently I've gotten it into my head that I should be GPS-tagging my photos. Unfortunately, this isn't easy since the camera doesn't have any way of putting the location tags into the photos itself. Pretty much the easiest way to do it is …

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  3. Initial Samsung SGH-D820 Review

    The phone is working pretty well so far. It's definitely a lot thinner and lighter. The display is extremely clear and bright. The biggest thing I've noticed so far is that some actions require going through menus more than I would like, but I'm starting to find shortcuts through most …

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  4. Fox Hunt winners!

    [Brady] and I managed to find N3MMH in a little over an hour today using a 3-element yagi we built yesterday (and finished this morning) out of an old TV antenna. Not bad! Of coruse, that means we have to be the fox next year...

    In other ham-related news, I …

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  5. Ham-ing it up!

    Sorry; I promise that will be my only Amateur Radio joke. Brady, Patrick, and I went to take our Technician Class Amateur Radio tests last Saturday, an we all passed! I haven't received my call sign (yet), but I hope to be on the air soon - or at least listening …

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  6. wireless rocks

    I've been playing with a bunch of wireless stuff recently, and I've found out it rocks. I have a Lucent Orinoco (WaveLan) card that works beautifully under both Win2k and Linux; and I have a Raylink card on the way as well. I've set up an 802.11b network in …

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  7. wireless

    so wireless nics in linux isn't as easy as it seems. Win2k was a snap - stick the card in and voila! it works. Linux is being a little more difficult. I'm following the guide at O'Reilly, and I'm waiting for my server to reboot right now. I hope it finishes …

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  8. Stupid Mountains

    Despite having renewed hope in wireless networking between [Brady]'s, [Dennis]'s, and my houses after finding pretty cheap 2.4GHz Antennas, [Brady] and I were spoiled once again by distance and LoS (Line of Sight) factors. If we could just see each other's houses...

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