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  1. Dead lawn mower happenings

    So a couple weeks ago I told you about some problems (I created) with our lawn mower. Unfortunately, things have gotten worse.

    Well, I guess it didn't have far to go from "potentially dead" to "dead", so it's not too surprising.

    My father-in-law was able to get the mower running …

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  2. Bad lawn mower happenings

    Tiff and I bought a riding mower last summer. We both knew it was going to drastically reduce the amount of work we had to do to keep the lawn looking decent (it's not possible to make our lawn look nice).

    Three weeks ago I was mowing the lawn and …

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  3. Speaker wiring

    Other than my {NODE 399}Dad's 60th birthday{/NODE}, I spent this weekend cutting holes in my walls and running wires in my basement drop-ceiling.

    I started Saturday morning around 07:30 and stopped around 10:30 (3 hours). Most of the time was spent figuring out where my one … read more