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  1. Permission to spend $one grand

    Ever since Sam posted his Nikon D50 on Craigslist I've had the bug to get into SLR photography.

    I need to justify this somehow; I do it by claiming it's to photograph the new baby since the last photos were poorly lit. Other than indoor photography, I'm also into outdoor … read more
  2. 6 months of photos

    Our recent trip to Lake Raystown:

    • trips/Raystown+2008


    • events/Jocelyns+1st+Birthday+Party
    • events/Dougs+28th+Birthday+Party+at+Shipes
    • events/Easter+Egg+Hunt+at+South+Newton+Fire+Company
    • events/Easter+Presents+at+Warners
    • events/Swimming+Lessons+with+Mom
    • events/Pre-Fathers+Day
    • events/Summertime+Playing+at+Warners
    • events …
    read more
  3. Photos for the last Three Months

    Here's a boatload of photos that I just uploaded, in no particular order. You might be better off hitting the main sections and browsing backwards.

    The movies are probably in the H.264 codec. Unfortunately, all these photos (and the ones from Ocean City) still need tagged. You'll have to … read more