IPv6 for my LAN

I know I said I was using Hurricane Electric earlier today, but now I'm with SixXS.

HE only routes a single /64, which is good for one LAN if you want to use radvd to auto-configure your IPs based on mac addresses. I have two LANs (wireless and wired are separate).

Configuration was very simple; install their heartbeat program aiccu, configure your username, password, and tunnel, and you're good-to-go.

Now, normally this process takes a week to get a subnet. They have this credit system so as to slow down spam IPv6 growth. But if you supply your LinkedIn profile you get bonus credits! So you can sign up for an account, tunnel, and subnet all in a row. It only took a couple hours this afternoon for the responses to come back, but sometimes it could take a day or so.

At any rate, my website now says this when I visit it:

IPv6 2001:4830:164c:30:290:4bff:fe4b:d76f

Feel free to nmap ping my new block: 2001:4830:164c::*/48*