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  1. Carlisle MAIC meet

    We finally got a local MAIC meeting together at the Carlisle Red Robin. It was a pretty nice turnout, even if the day wasn't. We were all seated in one big line, so we pretty much only got to talk in small groups, but this was our first meet so …

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  2. LED Bulb Replacement

    Retract what I said about the Silverstars - this is the way to go. Using LEDs to replace all the other marker/turning bulbs will be much cooler; and I will (theoretically) never have to change my bulbs again. I guess I'll have to just go buy some cheap 7440's for …

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  3. Ford Escort

    Sweet! I got myself a 1997 Ford Escort LX! Burgundy! Very nice. I'm going to be starting a page for my Escort with pics. mods, and customizations I add to it. I'll probably get a pic up of my old car, a 1987 Nissan Sentra. Damn that car did good …

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