ktwitter script

Since I recently got on this whole social bandwagon thing (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Last.fm) I found that I needed some way to keep my Twitter status and IM status synced.

I originally found how easy it is to update my twitter status with this script. I ended up making lots of modifications to it in order to tell me if the tweet failed or succeeded as well as updating Kopete's status through DCOP.

When I saw someone else update the script, I figured I should post my own, so here it is:


tweet=`kdialog --inputbox 'What are you doing?'`

if [ "\$tweet" != "" ]; then
curl -u email:password \
-s -F status="\$tweet" \
--url http://twitter.com/statuses/update.xml if [ "\$?" != "0" ]; then
kdialog --error "tweet failed"
kdialog --passivepopup tweeted 4 &

# set IM status
dcop kopete &> /dev/null

if [ "\$?" == "0" ]; then

dcop kopete default setAway "\$tweet" false