Week 34 Year 2007 status update

Mostly Drupal happenings this past week.

- Released staging copy to board members - The board members were able to get access to the staging copy I've been working on in order to test installing new Drupal instances, editing and creating content, and working with their user profiles synced to their Mozdev CVS accounts. Overall things went very well (from my perspective) - David ran into the most problems in his testing, but Brian and Eric also ran into some problems that I noted. Everyone ran into problems with the authentication module. David noted that the forums were intially hard to use because it wasn't clear that there wasn't a forum to post to. Several people ran into problems creating and editing wiki pages. There were also some strange permissions problems to deal with. - Register #mozdev-admin on irc.mozilla.org - with the success of having #mozdev registered on irc.mozilla.org we wanted to make sure #mozdev-admin would be available when we needed it. Unfortunately it doesn't seem possible to make a hidden, invite-only room registered, since if all the admins leave there's no way to get back into it. So for now we're stuck creating the channel as-needed and setting mode +is and inviting the appropriate people. - Fixed new projects showing up as active for bug#13381 - the way I determined whether a project was "new" or not changed around July 2007, so I had to make changes in the algorithm. I also found a bug regarding finding a project's recent bug activity that I fixed while I was in there. This resulted in the project totals being redistributed a bit more; mostly a few more active projects and fewer inactive projects - new projects stayed about the same. - Drupal wiki fixes - I fixed the problems where we were having inconsistent problems editing and creating wiki pages by reordering how the freelinking module was used. - Updated active content types and input filters for Drupal - David noted that having both the "story" and "page" content types was confusing, so I removed the "story" content type. I also disabled the PHP input filter to prevent abuse. - Made project status RSS feeds update properly - user Mc on #mozdev reported that newsfox wasn't showing the projects being updated via the RSS feed, even though the page was changing frequently. I updated the feed so the guid and link fields are both changed based on the most recent activity so that new items show up correctly. - Setup a default forum on new Drupal installations - in order to make it more usable and clear how to use the forums in Drupal I modified the installation profile to create a forum that can be used immediately along with the appropriate permissions for the various roles (forum moderator and project owner). - Pinpointed errors shown during new site installation - David had a problem where there were a bunch of SQL errors during the site installation. It turns out this is due to visiting a drupal site before it's setup. I'm not sure if there's a solution for this or not. - Improved mozdev auth module for Drupal - I fixed the problem where the user wouldn't be logged in if they were a mozdev user when the tried to login for the first time. This also fixed a bug where the user's roles wouldn't be synced from their project settings when they logged in the first time. I also made sure that if a user tries to register a username that already exists in mozdev's CVS that it will be blocked, giving them an error message to just login instead. This prevents an awkward situation where a user tries to create an account but can't login because their password will never work. - Started researching how to run the cron jobs for all our drupal sites - I'm planning on using Multisite Manager to manage the various project drupal installations from one main site, so I'd also like to have that module run the cron jobs for the various hosts. I submitted a feature request to ask about running sub-sites' cron jobs from the master site, but I should probably be more specific that I can implement this if they give me an indication of how they would like the patch to be created.

So this week I'll be trying to get the cron jobs running properly for all sites and try to make sure the mozdev auth module is as usable as possible. I know for the auth module I would like to disable the ability to change the roles that are synced from the module (project contributor and project owner), but there may be other areas that should be enhanced as well. I also have some enhancements to make to the installation profile so that it works properly from Multisite Manager; there may need to be some patches to that module in order to work properly since I switch databases in the install profile to get information, we'll just have to see once I get into it.