Admin meeting for 2007-07-24

Present: Doug Warner (silfreed), Michael Dosser (tanker), Chris Neale (cdn-work), Brian King (kinger)

Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

Mic and Ivan have been very busy this week and haven't made any progress on the mirror bugs or project stats.

ClamAV on the production server died on Sunday and has been restarted by Mic. Email is currently backlogged but is being processed. We're estimating the backlog will be cleared withing 24 hours. A message was posted on

Project owners activity:

  • SSL on mirrors is probably not necessary if we use something like InstallTrigger for installations.
  • InstallTrigger is currently used by AMO for providing secure installs. For Mozdev to use this we would need to have some type of download registration served where the links would be served from an SSL connection.

Discussed Doug's developer priorities:

  • Unstarted projects list - need to fix some bugs; recently received help from Mic to get CVS working in the projects/ directory again.
  • Drupal testing has been going well - currently trying to get setup on the staging server, then modify the theme so that it changes dynamically with the front page (probably need some help from Chris here)