Mozdev admin meeting minutes for 2007-08-14

Present: David Boswell (davidwboswell), Doug Warner (silfreed), Michael Dosser (tanker), Eric Jung (ericjung)

Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

Discussed current developer projects and upcoming projects:

- Doug is fixing a minor bug with the active project list, then the "unstarted project list" bug is completed - Doug setup the project stats page this morning - David will announce the new lists and stats page after Doug has closed those bugs - We'll hold off on the other associated project list bugs until after drupal (bug#17520: automate new project announcements, bug#7021: project categorization) - Doug will be focusing on drupal for now and then next on the roadmap is lxr and bonsai - Doug will possibly check in with Mic to see if Bouncer ( will help with mirror management

Discussed systems projects:

  • Web stats are being processed; it's been running for 48 hours now and has 2 out of 18 months processed

    - June/July 2006 is processed - the rest of the historical data is being processed - Looking into getting postfix stats using Munin - interested in getting a prettier domain setup ( but DNS access currently goes through twshosting; transferring to osuosl would be better - Leave stats on Amazon EC2? Still can't make the determination based on cost - not enough data

  • the md5hashcheck project needs deleted; research will need to be done as to how to do that

    - cvs, mailing list, newsgroup, web pages are affected - possibly just chmod 700 on CVS (and web) directory

  • discussed moving some of the mirror improvement work from Mic to Doug

  • Eric requested that Mic delete the mail lists for Swarm project; completed

    • Discussed deleting spam server-side, and all participants were opposed server-side deletion of spam due to the problem of false-positives.

      - Doug threw out the idea of not scanning mail from localhost to prevent mail list messages from being double-scanned; Mic wasn't sure if it's possible but will keep it in mind.