Mozdev sysadmin meeting minutes for 2007-09-18

Present: David Boswell (davidwboswell), Doug Warner (silfreed),

Michael Dosser (tanker), Eric Jung (ericjung), Chris Neale (cdn-work)

Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

Discussed developer priorities (drupal testing, linking to drupal, rollout...)

- Publish tool is working again

Discussed sysadmin priorities (stats, mirror improvements, mailman defaults...)

- page is fixed; Doug should be able to work on the front-end page


Requests from users

clean out project's (pagemark) repository:
Mic cleared the web directory during the meeting
Doug will restore the templates
wrong MIME types on mirrors:
no response from mirror admins
Doug is going to find some better contacts for the mirrors
the mirrors should probably be suspended/removed from rotation if they

don't reply soon
Doug has been looking into Bouncer; will probably test it out soon

Handling user requests through bugzilla

- Delayed until BZ 3.0 upgrade

Turning off wordpress (review categories found)

- The following categories were found:


:   Development
:   Status

:   Announcements
:   Features
:   Status Updates

  • should be safe to remove now

Turning off other tools

  • Not sure what xpcomdb does; Doug will check with Pete.

  • analog, polls: old content should be archived.

  • Doctor might be nice to have for users to edit their web pages from the web; David will add it to the roadmap; Doug will file a bug.

  • Not sure how widely-used the other tools were; Doug will ask Pete.

  • What to do about protected directory issues?

    - cvsweb upgrade will remove the directory from the list - work-around is to disable guest checkouts for projects that request it with the knowledge that it's a temporary workaround until cvs can be patched to disable guest checkouts of the protected directory. - David and Doug will work together to email the project owners who have asked about the problem directly.

    Should we block entire projects to protect mozdev sql structure (www/www, hovercraft)?

    - No; it goes against the open-source ideaologies.

    Promoting/Integrating McCoy for secure installs and updates?

    - Link to the tool from templates. - Help out with documentation where possible.

    Move up priority of bugzilla 3.0 upgrade?

    - Mic has done this on once before; upgrade should be easy. - No one opposed to increasing the priority. - Chris notes that BZ 3.0 will need some theme adjustments.

    Mic noted that will be hiring another sysadmin soon; that will hopefully free up some sysadmin time for mozdev.

    Drupal update

    - project owner response has been fairly lack-luster. - need to work on how to link from projects. - need to work on rollout proceedure.