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  1. Mozdev status update for W25-2008

    Getting back into the swing of things after vacation.

    - Updating Mozdev bugzilla bug entry form - this is ready to go into production to help making requests to Mozdev easier - Handling Firefox 3 release server load - the Firefox 3 release caused lots of additional web traffic to mozdev.org in a … read more
  2. Mozdev status update W21-2008, sysadmin meeting minutes for 2008-05-27

    Participating: davidwboswell (David Boswell), ericjung (Eric Jung), gjm (Gerry Murphy), silfreed (Doug Warner)

    Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

    Discussed developer priorities

    - improved bugzilla Mac OS X detection by adding more versions to OS list - worked with ccaygill of Mycroft to get HTTP header problem fixed that prevented downloads in … read more
  3. Mozdev status update W20-2008

    • Work on sponsor pages
    • Fixed bugs in update.rdf generation
    • Documenting how to move hg to production
    • Testing multiple-domain SSL certificates - Found out that certificates with multiple domains (specified in the Subject Alternate Name, SAN field) works with most current browsers, mercurial, and SVN and does not require additional IPs …
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  4. Mozdev status update for W18-2008

    I ended up spending a large part of last week fixing some architectural problems I created with the ProjectVCS/VCS classes and debugging some test cases, but overall the admin page for selecting a project's current VCS and initializing a repository is ready (announcement coming soon asking for beta testers …

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  5. Mozdev status update for W50-2007

    This week I spent a lot of time trying to get a better code library setup for Mozdev code that would be easier to maintain and test (mostly meaning, starting to write stuff in OOP style despite PHP 4's lackings). Towards that end, I've ended up getting session managent, authentication …

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  6. Mozdev status update for W46-2007

    • Fixed Drupal theme selection bug - Users were unable to change their theme due to me forcing the setting in settings.php globally.
    • Planning fixes to mysql errors caused by backups - I've been working with Mozdev's sysadmins to try to figure out how best to deal with the two-minute outage daily …
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  7. Mozdev status update for W45-2007

    Another big week of mirror work. I received responses from all the current mozdev.org mirrors as well as some that I wasn't aware was acting as a mirror. I have most of the mirrors assigned to regions so redirection to the closest mirror should be happening in the near …

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  8. Mozdev Status Update for W42-2007

    • RSS icon cleanup on front page

    • Vebzom.org DNS was broken for awhile - This kept me from working on the new mirror management library
    • Researched email delays - The problem might be related to the massive number of held messages that are sitting in Mailman; it might be the daily nag …
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  9. Mozdev status update W40-2007

    Most of this week was spent working on mirror improvements and preparing for the Drupal rollout.

    - Determined Bouncer won't work for Mozdev - Bouncer's reliance on Product, Version, Language, and OS makes it not quite suitable for Mozdev since we don't make our project owners track language or OS for their … read more
  10. Mozdev W39-Y2007 status update

    Drupal is ready to be deployed, so that's in a holding pattern waiting for the sysadmins to get time to set things up.

    Since Drupal's currently stalled, I've moved onto other projects. Lots of cleanup of various tools that have been implemented recently and started evaluating tools to improve our … read more
  11. Week 37 Year 2007 status update

    Drupal for Mozdev is getting close to being ready to implement in production, so I've been mostly working on other bugs this week.

    - Drupal integration into Mozdev site - I started looking into how to link Drupal into Mozdev's site - specifically how to include it in the navigation. I haven't gotten … read more
  12. Week 35 Year 2007 status update

    This is a short week for me, so I didn't get as much accomplished as I hoped. Still, there was some good progress made, and the Drupal install for Mozdev is progressing well. The test for project owners should be coming shortly.

    - Multisite Manager/install profile fixes - Fixing Mozdev's install … read more
  13. Week 34 Year 2007 status update

    Mostly Drupal happenings this past week.

    - Released staging copy to board members - The board members were able to get access to the staging copy I've been working on in order to test installing new Drupal instances, editing and creating content, and working with their user profiles synced to their Mozdev … read more
  14. Week 31 Year 2007 status update

    Made lots of good progress with Drupal modules and permissions setup this week.

    I had some problems with the Liquid wiki module not supporting CamelCase correctly, so I had to use some other modules to implement that as well (pear wiki, freelinking, wikitools).

    I've setup a default set of permissions … read more
  15. Week 30 update

    Bug#13381 should be finished up "real soon now." After I got some help getting things installed in production there were a few bugs to fix and features to add. Specifically I added RSS feeds for each of the lists, I added an admin page for sending the inactive message …

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