Mozdev Status Update for W51-2007

  • bug#7021 - Project Tagging - Getting close to completion for this one - I have the project owner interface for tagging their project completed as well as the profile login/logout area. All that's left is the tag cloud and list of projects per tag for the user-facing pages, and an admin interface for making changes to tags.
  • bug#15327 - Document PHP usage - We needed to document that PHP was supported for project owners to use on their websites, so I added some information on what pages are available for editing in PHP.
  • bug#15312 - Upgrade to PHP 5 - PHP 4 is EOL at the end of the year, so we're trying to get PHP 5 setup. I've been going through our code trying to get it setup in a more secure fashion - mostly by starting to fix undefined variables and try to make our site work without register_globals.
  • Reported Comcast blocking Mozdev emails - Comcast was temporarily blocking emails from our server; we reported this and it appears to be resolved. The problem seems like it lasted from \~2007.12.15 - 2007.12.18.
  • Protected Wiki Pages - I added the Content Access drupal module so that we could make certain wiki pages "protected" - meaning either only editable by a certain group or even only viewable by a certain group. This module is available for all project owners to use in their Drupal module; feel free to contact me on the list if you have questions about its use.
  • bug#18161 - Upgrade bugzilla db to support UTF-8 - Our sysadmin has been testing out the UTF-8 upgrade and is almost ready to deploy this. Sometime near the beginning of the new year our bugzilla installation should properly support UTF-8 characters.

I plan on being available sporadically over the next several week or so until after the new year. I plan on finishing up the project tagging first, then probably getting our site ready for PHP 5. After that I plan on working on pulling application information out of install.js files in preparation of auto-labeling projects with the applications they support as well as setting up an automated update.rdf feed and secure installations.