Week 36 Year 2007 status update

I took a slight diversion from working on Drupal this week to try to give some other tasks attention.

  • Drupal Mozdev theme work - Just minor tweaks to make the theme more "mozdevy" and work better with Mozdev's rotating themes.

  • Setup custom project - This is a project to hold custom code used for Drupal integration, or other projects involved with the running of Mozdev.org. Currently, things like Mozdev's authentication module, theme, and installation profile exist there.

  • Drupal cron job integration with Multisite Manager - I improved my patch for Multisite Manager to make it more useful for a broader audience. You can the patches in Multisite Manager v0.9.5.

  • bug#17520 - automate new project list on front page - In order to give us more time for other tasks, I automated the new project list on the front page by extending my previous work on bug#13381.

  • Updated last updated block from bug#13381 - A straggling feature that I neglected to implement when I was working on the bug; the "last updated" block on Mozdev.org's front page is now built using the same list as the other project activity lists. A repercussion of work on both this bug and bug#17520 is that "new" projects and "unstarted" projects have a different definition. "New" projects are projects that have just recently become active for the first time; thus they can be both "new" and "active". "Unstarted" projects are projects that have recently been created and have no perceptible progress on them; these can be very old, in some cases.

  • Started tracking Drupal rollout through bug#17703 - I let people who where tracking other separate bugs for blog, wiki, and forum features know that we're going to be rolling out Drupal soon and asked them to test things out. One user responded and was able to find some problems that were quickly and easily fixed.

  • Add Drupal to new project form - I started looking into how this form was built in order to add Drupal as a feature that project owners can request when setting up a new project.

  • Upcoming tasks:

    - Add Drupal to new project form - Of course this will have to wait until we're ready to release it to all project owners, but I'd like to understand how the form works and get it ready for release. - Add Multisite Manager API - In order to automate setting up and removal of Drupal sites, I'd like to add an API to Multisite Manager. This will mostly be necessary for bug#11378, but it might be good to lay some groundwork. - Additional testing and planning for rollout of Drupal