Week 28 update

I pretty much finished up the unstarted project list (bug#13381) near the beginning of last week, so I pushed forward on some other bugs.

For Firefox 3 updates (Mozdev bugs 17110 and 17302, Mozilla bug 378216), I tried to get some clarification to see if we needed SSL at all, but didn't really receive a response. I guess to follow up with that this week - I'll probably just try to find Dave Townsend on irc somewhere.

With no progress on getting either of the first two things completed, I continued work on blog/wiki/forum software. I have Drupal installed on my local machine and have been making good progress at getting it running. I hit a roadblock with setting up aliases for parts of Drupal, but I hope to get that resolved early this week. I was able to get a hacked-up theme pretty easily; and just from seeing how well Bugzilla has been integrated into the theme I'm fairly confident it should not be too difficult to do.

I have some screenshots up of the progress I'm making on the Drupal install; feel free to check them out and make comments.