First Mozilla posting

Other than my previous posting about my home office, this is my first post really about Mozdev (and hopefully will be my first post on Planet Mozilla).

Things have been going pretty well at Mozdev so far. There's a lot of ideas and projects that have been put off for a while due to lack of time. For instance, bug#3056, which I was able to kill this week, was started in early 2003!

Among the bugs I'm working on, are things such as:

  • get projects statuses in order
  • setup a blog
  • setup a wiki
  • setup forums
  • get project categorization in order
  • try out new VCS systems

I plan on tackling the project statuses this week, but it'll probably require me to start gathering some basic stats on the projects first.

I'm starting to think I'll be able to tackle blogs, wikis, and forums with Drupal. I'm still looking into how to integrate it with the current CMS that's in place (a copy of helm from old CollabNet), but I think it just.. might.. work (dramatic pauses added).

Lastly, Myk informs me that Mozilla is probably going with Mercurial (Hg) for its new VCS. I intend to evaulate offering that, as well as possibly Subversion and git.