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  1. damn numbers

    The only three numbers in computer science that matter: 0, 1, and infinity. As far as my life goes, I can't do everything, so I need to choose what one thing I'm going to devote my time to, or I'll end up with nothing.

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  2. wireless rocks

    I've been playing with a bunch of wireless stuff recently, and I've found out it rocks. I have a Lucent Orinoco (WaveLan) card that works beautifully under both Win2k and Linux; and I have a Raylink card on the way as well. I've set up an 802.11b network in …

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  3. laptops rule

    wow. i've had an ibm 390e for about a month and a half now, and it rules. I can do all sorts of wireless stuff now that I couldn't before, and it's pretty kewl for portable transport as well.

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  4. linux mail clients

    Well, I can never seem to find a mail client I like. I'm currently trying out Mozilla Mail again - but I needed GPG support. Hopefully Enigmail will do the job for me. Evolution is just to big and slow. Sigh.

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  5. routing in linux

    echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward to forward ip traffic on a host. very useful when you have another router behind your firewall.

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  6. wireless

    so wireless nics in linux isn't as easy as it seems. Win2k was a snap - stick the card in and voila! it works. Linux is being a little more difficult. I'm following the guide at O'Reilly, and I'm waiting for my server to reboot right now. I hope it finishes …

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  7. phpAIM (AIM is (tm) AOL)

    This is what I wrote to my SourceForge account about the development of phpAIM (AIM is (tm) AOL).

    Unfortunately, development has stalled before it really started. I was originally going to design a PHP script that modeled the Perl Net::AOLIM module, but I think I'd rather write an extension …

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  8. windows virus vulnerability

    Heh. Windows boxes are stoopid. The latest virus Nimda (Code Blue previously) has been hammering our network, including duo. Check out the stats for the # of nimda attempts at the bottom of the page...

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  9. ahh - sleep!

    I feel much better today. Went running around with Dennis today, and got a compact flash reader and 350va APC Back-UPS for $30 each! Not a bad deal, I though. Of course, I'm staying up way to late tonight, and It's gonna ruin my whole week, so I best get …

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  10. 9/11

    What a messed up tragedy. Knocking out the world trade centers with our own commercial jetliners. To quote my good friend [Brady],

    " good night to look out at the night sky. prolly the last time in our lifetimes that there will be no planes..."

    That is so true. Very sad …

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  11. usb mass storage

    Found out that usb mass storage in linux needs scsi support. Didn't determine how much - just enabled scsi support, scsi disk support, and generic scsi support. wierd.

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  12. ooo.. digi camera!

    Well, i finally got a digital camera, so i guess i'll have to get an online photo album soon. It'll be l33t.

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  13. Stupid Mountains

    Despite having renewed hope in wireless networking between [Brady]'s, [Dennis]'s, and my houses after finding pretty cheap 2.4GHz Antennas, [Brady] and I were spoiled once again by distance and LoS (Line of Sight) factors. If we could just see each other's houses...

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  14. PHP scripting

    You know, I really think PHP could be a really good scripting language, but there are definitely some things holding it back.

    For one, there is no support for SIGnals from the OS. Things like SIGKILL and SIGHUP. These would be really useful. I love PHP's native database support and …

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  15. hmm... html

    You know, I was wondering if html worked in these messages.

    That would be really neat, but could lead to some other issues, like the need for javascript filtering.

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  16. Morning. Blech.

    So - it's morning. Just making sure jogger is still up.

    You know, I'm really starting to get tired of classes...

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  17. reading file for jogger

    note: readme for installing jogger needs a little updating. doesn't even mention that you need to modify the jabber.xml file and add a component for it.

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