Visiting the Shipes and Littles

This weekend Tiff, Jocelyn and I made a small loop through Virginia to visit the Shipes (my sister) and the Littles (Dennis and Michele).

First stop was Barboursville, VA on Friday afternoon. We dropped my nephew Logan off at my sister's. He was up visiting for the week and since we were going to visit Dennis it was kind-of "on the way." We got down there around 5pm and stayed until 9pm. It was nice to visit for a bit, but it'll be nicer when we go visit over Labor Day weekend for a couple days.

So Friday night we headed over to Short Pump, VA where Dennis and Michele live. We got there around 10:15pm and laid Jocelyn down for the night.

Saturday we kinda just hung out a lot. In the morning we went for a walk around Maymont and looked at the animals. We tried to do some shopping in the evening but didn't make it. I did get to see Dennis' new office in the Verizon building which was pretty nice; looks like he's been making lots of progress cleaning up their IT stuff and cable mess. Dennis and Michele made us supper, and we just sat around and talked a lot.

Sunday after Michele made us breakfast we tried to get out a bit more. We did some shopping at some local kid-to-kid clothing stores to pickup outfits for Jocelyn, went to lunch at The Smokey Pig (which is non-smoking now - yeah!), and picked up a canal ride in the afternoon. We watched Meet the Fockers (which was pretty good - better than I had expected) and chatted some more.

Monday we left in the morning. I ended up missing the exit for I-495 on the way towards DC and ended up going past the Pentagon while trying to get back over to it. We still made good time - only 4 hours to get home with a lunch break!

It was great to get to spend some time with Dennis and Michele this weekend. A lot has definitely changed with Tiff and I since Jocelyn has joined us - our focus is definitely on taking care of her right now and it's a lot more difficult for us to be spontaneous and loud. I'm glad they were willing to accommodate and accept that change in our lives - it doesn't just affect us, it affects everyone we interact with.

Jocelyn had a great time down there, too. She was up until about 10:30pm every night (usual bedtime is 8:30 - 9pm), but she did sleep in until about 9am (usual wake up is 6 - 6:30 am). She had lots of time going for the walk at Maymont and the canal ride and playing with Dennis and Michele.

Hopefully Bella (their cat) will be a little more comfortable with Jocelyn next time - she didn't come out of their bedroom until Monday morning - probably due to hunger!