Week 38 Year 2007 status update

This past week's progress; somewhat less than I had hoped to finish due to Jocelyn being sick.

- Looking into using bouncer to manage our mirrors - I've only gone through and read all the documentation so far, but the tool seems like it would solve a number of mirror bugs for us (make "downloads.mozdev.org" easier to navigate and link to, remove stale mirrors, verify proper mime-types). - Added links and info about McCoy - Extension owners will need to update their extensions if they want them to be able to be automatically updated so we wanted to provide our project owners with a tool that can help ease that burden. - Inventorying old tools and making recommendations on removal - Mozdev has a number of old tools that can be removed (mostly for the sake of removing cruft and making things more transparent. - Monitored/Moved along several mirror bugs - We've addded mozdev.bigsearcher.com, and chosen to remove ftp.cc.uoc.gr and mirrors.wikifusion.info because we can't contact their admins to fix a mime-type issue. - Prepared upgrade cvsweb to 3.0.6 - I updated the config and fixed the CSS for the new version of cvsweb that will allow us to block directories (such as the protected directory). - Fixed the admin publish tool - Created a new top-50 projects page - Using the awstats extract our sysadmin has put together, I created a new top-50 page that shows our top-50 projects by pages, hits, or bandwidth. - Created an RSS feed for CVS checkins per-project - An RSS feed that allows project developers (and other users) to track what's going on with a project.

This week's plans include working on the Drupal rollout plan (including how to integrate/link with current projects) and testing of Bouncer.