Nice hike; Electricity to the shed; Need a good tax consultant

Brady and I went on a nice 2-hour hike this evening up in Caledonia. It was a fairly short loop, but very hilly. There was a nice \~3/4 mi segment on the top of the mountain where we followed the Appalacian Trial for a bit before we went back down, so we got a decent rest. Much needed excercise and relaxation.

A weekend or two ago my Dad and I ran wire through the conduit I had buried between the shed and the house. This past Saturday I went to Lowes and bought the rest of the supplies I needed and we finished things up on Sunday. It's nice to have one summer project done, even if the lawn didn't get mowed this past week (no rain to speak of, anyway)

Now that I'm "out on my own" (not under an employer) I'm starting to think I need to get a tax consultant to figure out my deductions and how much I should be withholding for tax purposes. Does anyone have any recommendations; or perhaps a good primer for me to do it myself? I've filed taxes myself up to this point, but I need some guidance as to how to handle all the self-employment taxes along with deductions and what-not so I don't end up saving too much or too little.